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Summary: I'm not just some little girl who inherited a company.

Lady Lana VanderSchmidt

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Upper Class


Human - Gold Ring Guild


One the board of the Guild

Amazing negotiator
Very persuasive

Very fast runner, fair in a fist fight, and acrobatic.


Lady of the House VanderSchmidt

One of the three heads of the Gold Ring Guild.

Physical Appearance

Not very tall, fair skin, short hair and natural, good looks.

Personality and interests

Very friendly but can be ruthless when it comes to business.

Out to prove herself, despite her age and gender.


Three years ago she was promised to wed a man she hated, the former sole, head of the Gold Ring Guild - a man more than twice her age. She exposed his infidelity, misdeeds, and humiliated him in front of many nobles and merchants.

This outraged her father, who likely would have killed her, but the rage caused him to have a heart attack. Being his sole heir, she took over his interests, rose through the ranks of the Guild, and established herself as one of three people at the top of the Guild.

Magic Abilities

She knows the gap in power between the upper class and anyone of Crysline. She has a small group working on manufactured magic items, to build up a reserve of arms just in case.


Always wears fashionable, but functional clothes - so she can be ready to act should she need to.

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Image of Lady Lana VanderSchmidt
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