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Summary: There's more to life than this

Sandra Scotts

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Upper Class


13% Crysaline, 87% human


A mystery... she's from a fairly well to do family but instead of doing anything she can to make up for the only small portion of Crysaline blood she has, she chooses to go out and be among the people.

Very good at explaining her way out of trouble she gets in to.

Some magic skill.



Physical Appearance

Likes leather

Personality and interests



Her great-grandfather is Ronald Scotts. She's only an eighth Crysaline though from many human marriages intermixed. Her father, a fourth and trying to get more for his family, had 5 daughters and no sons. Now he tries to marry them all off to prominent men.

She wants nothing to do with that. She doesn't even like men.

Magic Abilities

Minor elemental magic: Can create small gaps or mounds in earth, short gusts of wind, small fire bursts.


Leather cowl/dress combo

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Image of Sandra Scotts
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