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Summary: Watch how you talk to me, an' maybe you walk outta this place in one piece.


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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Lower Class



Owes his allegiance only to himself and his best friend and partner, Rigid.



Adept in stealth and magic alike.

Can enter a sort of primal "high" where he is numb to pain, faster, and all of his senses are bolstered, making him significantly more alert. Using magic in this state is nearly impossible.



Physical Appearance

Zhech stands at 5 feet and 9 inches, has a slender, light build that isn't all that emaciated but bordering on it. He wears wraps and drapes to protect himself from sunlight, so much so that usually only his golden eyes can be seen at any time.

Personality and interests

Despite his unimposing frame and appearance, Zhech is loud and brash, often welcoming a challenge if it is remotely within reason. He holds such confidence in his skills, and the fact that he still lives must be a sign that he bears some actual skill.
Of the duo, himself and Rigid, Zhech tends to be less knowledgeable and intelligent, but just as wise and significantly more charismatic.


Born a slave, Zhech lived an early life of bondage, and wasn't able to learn much early on, beyond how to stay out of sight to avoid his masters' wrath. At some point, he realized that he was beginning to develop some sort of magical abilities, as he was able to do seemingly impossible things by drawing on his own life force. Zhech bided his time, and using his newfound abilities and now proficient stealth skills, escaped into the Deathlands where no one would ever pursue him. Through nothing but the spunky attitude of a kid that came from nothing, the determination to make something of the opportunity he was given, and sheer will, Zhech survived and made use of his abilities to steal, and eventually, kill for money. Over time, he hardened into a thick-skinned, smack-talking mercenary that seemed to fear no one. His fearlessness was part of what helped him survive amongst the chaos of the death lands. He hadn't quite tamed the blasted lands, but he had become skilled in surviving in them. Intermingling with, and at times, killing the Gasnors that called this place home, Zhech began to become accustomed to them and understand them, so much so that he even befriended one named Rigid after saving her life from a rival tribe, who would eventually become his best friend and traveling partner over the next few years. As the cursed gods began to take hold of the Deathlands and unite the different tribes into cult-like factions, Zhech, his newfound friend Rigid in tow, decided to return to Gonzina in an attempt to make a name for himself within the city which once ruled over him.

Magic Abilities

Capable of an alternate form of curse magic in which the user draws upon his own life force rather than anothers'. As it lacks the sacrificial element, it seems to be inherently different from traditional curse magic, though exactly how so is unknown.


Carries a pistol, a dagger, a focusing stone to allow for especially powerful spells, and rations, along with his usual wraps and rags for protection against the sun.

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