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Summary: *Glares Menacingly*


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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Lower Class



Owes her allegiance only to herself and her best friend and partner, Zhech.



A skilled sharpshooter and tactician, knows her way around various guns and machines.

She's apparently known to be capable of taking punishment, and all this without a peep. She allegedly has a very high pain tolerance.



Physical Appearance

Stands at 6 feet and 4 inches, and wears a suit of heavy armor that makes her appear only more brutish. She is hardly ever seen without this armor, though according to Zhech her skin is a "light goldish-brown" and her hair is black and wavy. He has also mentioned that, quote, "Surprisin'ly, she actually doen't look half bad under all that steel." However, because of her heavy and imposing appearance, as well as her usual quietness, she is often assumed at first to be male and seemingly doesn't care.

Personality and interests

Rigid is often quiet, but absolutely fearless, she simply also takes into account what would be the most logical course of action and what she should do often takes precedents over what she wants to do, so her louder side is hardly present. She does have emotions, however weak, and can sometimes act on them, turning her into a highly efficient brute with a grudge. Usually, though, her silent death stare and 'Get The Fuck Outta My Way' attitude dissuade any would-be wrong-doers. Not many have heard Rigid's voice, but those who have said that the booming, rugged, and aggressive tone she speaks with suits the hulking woman.


Rigid was born into a Gasnor tribe infamously known as the Deathlords. She was loyal to them once, but at a young and tender age realized that blood means nothing in the Deathlands. She eventually learned to fend for herself, and with no friends or social life to speak of, she took solace in her guns and machines. With time, she would value steel even more so than life, and began developing weaponry to repel outsiders who didn't understand her. While her Gasnor brethren were enveloped in war and conquest, she armed herself with self-made guns tuned just to her liking, and protected herself from the cold, heartless outside world with a warm and insulated metallic suit of armor. When she inevitably began to slay those who did her wrong, her superiors mistook this for her finally buying into the system and desiring to move up the chain of command. At first, she didn't care one way or another, and eventually began producing armor and equipment for the rest of the Deathlords tribe. However, her superiors were not pleased with her passive position. They knew she was a capable fighter, seeing as how she had never lost a fight to anyone who dared encroach on her things, ad demanded that she take the position of a War Captain and fight on the actual battlefield. All Rigid heard was that she would be moved away from her things, and thus the killing started. It was by chance that this very day, someone else, a lone Voldon known as Zhech was also killing Deathlord grunts en masse due to some disagreement over drinks or some similar situation. Crossing paths, the two realized they were shooting at the same people and came to an unspoken agreement to help each other. As the bigger and stronger Deathlings began to move on their position to dispatch the attacker and traitor, Rigid made the call to give up her things in order to survive. She uttered a single word, "Run," and with that, the duo escaped with their lives. It was after this that they decided that they made a good team, and banded together as partners in crime. The rest is history.

Magic Abilities

Possesses no magical abilities.


Carries a rifle and a strange metallic tesla-powered contraption on her back. One might thing the device would be a hazard to her considering her heavily metallic armor, however, said armor is extremely, carefully insulated, making her allowing her to use her experimental weapon without fear of self-harm.

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