This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Don't god mod, such as control actions of non NPC characters without permission of owners.
Don't be rude to other players
Don't make OP or broken Characters
Royalty/Nobles-Made out of Crysline families, they are not bound by the rules of the other classes, make their own rules, hard to attack without dying yourself.

Upper Classes-Rich Families, mostly made of Crysline human hybrids, large business owners, generals, owners of enterprises.

Middle Class-The common folk, mostly made out of humans, they are common folk, doing normal jobs and usually living normalcy.

Lower Class-They are poor families, with little or no money, living in the slums, fighting thugs, monsters, and the other classes in order to survive, most Gruvin are lower class.

Outsiders-The bandits and tribes that live in the Deathlands, hated by the other classes or feared, known to break into the city but mostly stay outside.
Crysline-They are tall, elegant, beautiful humans with long life spans, nobles living hundreds of years and royalty living thousands.
Humans- They are just humans
Renents- The are thin looking humans with pale skin and sunken eyes, have sharp teeth and claws. They have little or no hair, and the are very fast and agile, buts also bad tempered.
Wints-They are large green skinned humans with a large muscular bodies, they are much larger then a human and are a bit slower mentally then humans.
Gruvin- They are small hideous goblin like creatures that mostly live in the slums as miners and trash cleaners. Looked down by everyone and seen as the lesser race of lesser races.
Voldons- They humans have pale skin and golden eyes, they are primal, allowing them to turn off pain responses, dislocate body parts and relocate them on command, keen sense of smell and other primitive qualities, however they don't handle sunlight very well.
Gasnors-These creatures always where gas helmets, due to the fact they need a certain type of air to survive, these creatures live in the Deathlands and are feared marauders due to them being resilient, highly aggressive, and
The White Hand society- The white hand society is the collection of Crysline families and upperclassmen who run the city and make the laws, they are known for their gatherings and the use of magic, they are very corrupt.
Inquisitors- The personal tax collectors, assassins, and law enforcers of the White Hand Society, they are the highest law enforcement compared to the other law enforcements.
The Steel Guard- The Steel guards are the marshal police/military of the city, they wear full plated armor and are armed to the teeth.
Blue Guards- They are the common police force,wearing metal face masks to hide their identities.
Exterminators- They are a special force that deals with monsters and infestations and plagues, mostly use fire.
The Gold Ring Guild- Richest merchant guild.
The Grey Stalker Guild- Strongest assassin guild.
Alliance of Labor Workers(ALW)- A group of all the work force that work in the lower section of the city that fight for the rights of labor workers.
Alliance of the People(ATP)- A council made out of all the people of the city who try getting rights for every citizen.
The Bone Order- A secret cult that has been known for using dark magics and summoning demons.
Outsider tribes- The outsider tribes- are tribes made out of outsiders, there are three big tribes:
The Shadow Seekers- This outsider tribe is known for being skilled assassins, using demonic powers in order to get something done.
Death Lords- They are tyrannical warlords who use massive war machines and vehicles to control their area.
Red Strikers- They are a nomad tribe of marauders who raid and destroy anything in their path. Always on the move.
The Tri-Lords' Wardens-A highly religious horde of Outsiders and violent followers who are gaining followers and are trying to unite the Tribes of the Deathlands.
Wander of Dreams: A Christian like faith popular with the upper and middle class of Gonzina, believing in a being called the "Great Dreamer", has their own military and weaponry.
Mamerian: Is a Buddhist like faith popular with the lower and middle class, they worship the teachings and beliefs of Mamerza. Some warrior monks work here.

Outsider Religions:
Outsiders have many crude religious but they all seemed to be connected by one thing, and it's three powerful entities called by many names, but three names stays the same, Tiekious, Zanoth, and Yagin.
Firearms- All fire arms are about the same as ww1 fire arms, there are some other firearms that are modified.
Melee weapons- These can be spears, swords, daggers and other weapons. They can have modifications, like being able to produce electricity or fire. Some can be partial firearm.
Heavy weapons- Heavy weapons are machine guns, hammers, flamethrowers. Modified ones are highly destructive.
Armor- Armor can rang from the classic full plated armor of knights to uniforms of ww1.
Other-These equipment can be bombs, repairing tools, cooking tools, cleaning, etc. Remember this is a steampunk setting.
Currency- The currency of the city is a bartering system of trading goods or using coins called Chips, the order of chips from most money to less are, Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, and Iron.
Ritual magic- Ritual magic is magic that requires components and a ritual to complete, they are usually summoning or large powerful spells that can lead to gigantic consequences.
Natural Magic- Natural Magic is the magic that is natural, something they are borned with, these magics can start off as being very small however some people who study can do much more terrifying things, however using this magic will run your stamina.
Manufactured Magic- magic that is made made, such as magical tattoos, magical implants, works the same as powerful natural magic however to much use of this starts to destroy the body.
Cursed Magic- Cursed magic is a magic given to people by deals or curses, this magic is very powerful but either saps the life out of people, causes corruption or any other curse attached to it.
Dark Magic- Dark magics is much like cursed magic but it comes natural or can be learned, it results in dark outcomes, such as the change of appearance and mentality change, or even death.
Creatures: More Info on the creatures themselves but there are five groups.
Beast- Beast are things like wolves, bears and natural predators and animals that we see in our world.
Monsters- These are creatures that resemble the creatures of the normal world however they are twisted and deadlier, these creatures include Rat Lords, Dire wolves, etc.
Demons- Demons are intelligent beings from another realm, they grant wishes, make deals and other things, powerful in magic.
Savage Ones- These are humanoid creatures that have become animalistic and are very savage.
Mystical- These are mystical creatures such as Dragons, unicorns, pegasus, and other mystical creatures.
Humanoids-These monsters were once the other races however they have changed by demonic, cursed, or even infected means. This includes Vampirism and Lycanthropy