A humble home/New Friends/Interested parties

Mace went in and sat where he was directed. Much like Regal's home had been, it was the usual size, just with accommodations for their smaller size in only a few ways. Regal's mother came back with a tray of tea and small wafer cookies of some kind. He was surprised this drink was warm, given the climate, but like Emily's family the offer of a warm drink must be a welcoming gesture here. In the Deathlands, water was so scarce they drank various types of fermented drinks - which preserved longer, wouldn't go stale, and could kill off any scum in the water they were brewed from.

"Ma'am, thank you very much for inviting me in and do, please know, Regal is my friend and colleague. I found out recently I am the illegitimate son of the former king of Gonzina. He will actually be living in the palace now as well. The Queen and King have taken me in and given me the charge of being Lord Protector of Gonzina and to route out evil and corruption in the city. To that end, we'll be living in the palace and acting her their behalf. The first charge, to rid Gonzina of the Grey Stalker Guild. We were on our way to investigate some matters tied to this when we happened upon your other son. He insulted Regal and that is not something I can stand for. I have challenged two of Faro's goons to a fight. Should I win, he apologizes and grants me three favors. If I lose, Regal will deliver Faro 100 gold chips as I'll be dead. We were hoping you could ensure this wager is played out fairly."

~ ~ ~

"If you don't mind me asking, sir, how old are you?" Emily asked. Anna seemed horrified at the question. "I feel like someone of your age, if you don't mind me saying so, could teach the young very much."

~ ~ ~

Standing outside of Sir Vincent Blegory's office, Lady Chloe VanderSchmidt was nervous and she was never nervous. A woman in her position had to be careful, not just because she was a woman, not just because she was a member of the upper class, not just because she was a one of only three leaders of the entire Gold Ring Guild and controlled the majority of all manufacturing interests in the city. It was all these things at once and because of the way she had come to power - rising against the orders of her father, seizing his company after his death, and rose to the position she was and at such a young age.

She'd heard the whispers and didn't care. Let them whisper. The mystique was part of her power. She knocked and was called in. She needed an ally, a Crysline one, who could help assure she retained her position. "Sir Blegory, thank you for seeing me..."

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