Mazda sat down and listened to Mace. She gave a smile, "I'm glad she finally acting on the corruption." However once she heard the wager her face twisted up, "That good for nothing brat! I outta smack him. Always busy playing games then actually getting a job!"Regal calmed her down, she cooled down and sighed. "I'm sorry, it's just....our family hasn't been the same since my eldest son was exiled." She picked up a damaged photo frame, the glass cracked. It was a picture of Mazda, a pale Gruvin and all of their children, a baby Regal in her hands. She sniffled, "It was such a nice time, before he changed." She lightly touched the photo, where a lime green Gruvin boy stood by his father. She put the photo frame back down, "If Faro wants a show he'll get one." She picked up the telephone and started calling people. Regal smirked, "Looks like you get to meet my sisters Mace."
Ronald chuckled, "It's alright Anna, well my young lady. I'm older than the Queen herself, and served her father in the War. I'm probably the oldest in this whole city. However I doubt anyone would really listen to me."
Vincent looked up to Chole, stands before him was a small Gruvin woman. "Ah, yes Ms. VanderSchmidt. I was speaking with Ms. Vorsh here." Caka turned around and waved, "morning." She turned back to Vincent, "So as I was saying, this device will repel anything from forcing their way into the city like the attack that-" A phone began ringing, Caka answered her phone, which was a box attached to her backpack. "Hello, Oh Mother. I'm in the middle of a meeting with....wait he did what? You can't be serious? I'll be going right away, love you bye." She hanged up and looked at Vincent who gave her a smile, "If it's a big deal we can reschedule two days from now." Caka smiled, "That will do, sorry Mr. Blegory." He just nodded her off, and she ran out, "See you in two days!" Vincent looked at Chole, "Busy work for her. Great woman. Now you're here for business, right?"

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