Foes and Allies/I'm not sure about that/Protect Gonzina

Regal took Mace to Faro's place. It was an impressive setup, like it was meant for some sort of sporting event, but clearly had sinister mechanisms as well. Regal took up a position in above the place Mace was to enter the arena from while Faro sat on a throne of sorts above the entrance for his men. The stands were packed with every manner of person and creature. Scantily clad girls rushed about hawking drinks and barkers took bets.

When Faro looked out and saw Regal, but then flanked by their mother and sisters he was none too pleased. "That's low... even for a noble!" he shouted to Mace and Regal. A man in a filthy but at the same time sparkling jacket came into the middle of the arena. "We have a special contest of honor today folks! In this corner, calling for the fight to repudiate the slight, another of the upper class who can kiss all our-" and the crowd shouted the rhyme in unison, "it is Mace Fermore, the Lord Protector." And the announcer laughed there at the end and the crowd erupted in jeers.

"And facing him, you know them for their size, their brutality, the way they'll do whatever Faro says or their meat for next week's contest... Gruff and Tuff!" And the crowd cheered immensely. The two thugs emerged, each carrying a club of sorts. "Loudies and gentlmeenies, let's get ready for some trouble!!!"

Mace eyed the men over. Faro just laughed. "I'm sorry, m'lord," and the crowd laughed again, "did no one offer you your choice of weapon too? Too bad. Gruff, Tuff, kill him... but make it interesting... the crowd wants a good show."

~ ~ ~

Emily strolled over to him, hooking him by the arm, "Well I would. A girl's gotta learn from someone, don't she?" She was putting it on thick and trying to play it off more as childish curiosity and seductive temptress.

~ ~ ~

Chloe nodded a goodbye to the Gruvin and entered. When the door closed she waited for Blegory to offer her a chair as was the custom due their differing classes. He did, she sat, but jumped right in. "Yes sir, but not like you'd imagine. I'm concerned with the business of this City. Even before the attack yesterday morning, I was worried, but as soon as I heard about it, I asked to see you. So thank you for seeing me on such short notice. Outsiders are less of my concern here, but it is what's going on inside the city that worries me and has me worried these attacks will continue, that the greed and corruption will hinder our chances at repelling them, and that someone on the inside must assuredly be involved."

She gave him a moment to interject or digest. Seeing no immediate response, she finished her thought. "The people are angry sir. Angry, hungry, and feeling alone, that the upper class and above have abandoned them. We cannot fight wars both within and from outside. Why just last week one of my most trusted factory managers was brutally assaulted and splashed with orange paint - the colors of the ALW. Simply put sir, how can I and the Guild help?"

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