Mazda moved all the way to Faro, she then smacked him over with her metal cane, infront of the whole crowd which let out a burst of laughter. "You are going to regret threatening your brother like that. If your boys lose you are doing more than apologizing to your brother." Regal sighed, "Mace, you got this?" He knew if Mace was from the Deathlands he could handle two thugs. He pulled out on of his contraptions, and threw it to Mace, it looked like a flare gun and taser hybrid. "Use it like a pistol!"
Caka laughed, "Now it's fair, looks like baby Faro was afraid of losing so he gave his thugs who are bigger than Mace weapons, classic" The crowd gave an Ooo sound. Regal waved, "Good Luck!" The bell ringed and the fight began.
Ronald gave a chuckle, "I'll tell you now that before the war, this place was much worse. Slavery, murder, and death were very common. The Royal family was clashing with itself, and almost every noble was trained to battle."
He went on about his younger days
Vincent gave a nod, "I agree with you, do you think that the Queen has forgotten her people? She hasn't. She has appointed the son of the former king as Lord Protector, already investigating the case. Ms. Vorsh's youngest brother is working with the Lord Protector. However there is a big problem, the Inquisitors, The Grey Stalker Guild, and let's not forget the Bone Order. Other nobles want to keep the corruption, one of which are no other than the former king, and I suspect that the nobles, including Ronald Scotts plan on putting him on the throne." He walked over and locked the door before knocking on the bookshelf behind his desk, "However I already have someone who can be of help." As the bookcase moved like a door, a terrifying figure stepped out, with glowing eyes and sharp teeth. "To fight with an exile criminal like the former king, We need another exile criminal. I like you to meet Green Tooth, mass murderer, dark arts patrician, and crime lord. Also known as Kain Vorsh." The large Gruvin closed the secret door behind him. "Hello small one. I heard you were having problems." Vincent raised his hand to Lana, "Now please don't panic"

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