Mace smiled at Regal. "Thank you friend, but I won't be needing this," and he tossed it back up to his friend. "Hey, you! Who said you could use my club?! That's my club!" Gruff looked very confused at the comment and looked down at it, like he'd actually see Mace's name on it or something like. Before he could look up, Mace was on him.

Mace delivered a hard shot to the knee, bringing the large man down. He groaned and held it, whimpering like a child. Mace reached down and picked up the club and eyed it over. "Hmmm... could have sworn that was my club. My apologies, this must be yours. You have it back," and Mace flipped it in the air comically so it would land right on Gruff's head. It wouldn't cause much damage, more annoyance, but the crowd loved the gesture and roared with laughter.

"Now that... that must be my club then," Mace said turning to Tuff.

"That line won't work on me, little man," and Tuff just charged at him. Tuff swung hard, telegraphing his blow, making it easy for Mace to dodge. Another and another swing, still Mace dodged them.

"If you'll just... give me... a chance...," Mace said amidst dodging blows, "to take a closer look at it...," and he rounded the big man, catching the club at the end of it's swing, and wrenched it from him. Tuff took a tumble into the dirt. Mace just paused and looked at the club. "Ya know what, this one is definitely not my club. I should go have a look at the other one again," and he dropped that club into the dirt and went back to Gruff who was using the club as a cane to stand back up.

Mace just walked over, kicked the crutch out and Gruff fell to the ground again. Mace stood there, carefully looking over the club. Tuff thought he could sneak up on him but the brute was growling and fuming so much, Mace heard him coming. To Mace's delight, he was able to time the dodge just right so that when Tuff swung it struck Gruff, square in the jaw. Tuff immediately knelt by this comrade and tried to see if he was okay.

This gave Mace all the opening he needed. He rung Tuff's ears with a slap simultaneously to them both. Now Tuff was at Mace's absolute mercy. But even though he could have and even though the crowd cheered for blood, Mace simply lined up a single punch, knocking Tuff out.

Some booed at the lack of blood, others cheered Mace for the act, and all the while Faro stared daggers at Mace, tapping one of his pistols with a freehand...

~ ~ ~

"Doesn't sound much different than growing up in the Slums," Emma replied. "But General, I've definitely kept you for far too long. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you again and I can't wait for the chance to have you regale us with another tale of days gone by," she said with a bow.

Scott grinned. Meant for this life indeed, he thought to himself. He bowed back and went on his way.

Anna looked around and not seeing anyone, pushed Emma up against a wall. "Just who do you think you are?! Putting a dress on a pig doesn't make it noble. And just because you're screwing a half-breed-," and Emma caught Anna by the throat.

"I am Emma of No One. I am making my OWN way in this world like you. My father threatened me everyday - earn or pay him somehow else and you can guess the only other way I could have paid own father. Mace is a wonderful man and is more than a noble, more than some half-breed, or illegitimate son of a disgraced king. More than an Outsider or the Lord Protector. He is a Man... THE Man. And you will not speak to me or about him in that way every again, do you understand?"

Anna nodded nervously and Emma released her. Anna went to speak and Emma shooshed her. "And for the record... I'm not screwing him. I was sold to him and he could have had me and didn't. Not only that, but he released me, giving me more than enough to start a new life. And after our home was destroyed, he took us in, asking for nothing in return. So no, Anna, I'm not... yet anyway," she said coyly.

~ ~ ~

Lana (forgot we already had a Chloe so I changed her name) was scared to death and if she hadn't done all the things she had over the last few months to get where she was, she may have died right then and there from fear. She'd grown hard these last few months... she had to be.

She strolled forward and extended a hand to the Gruvin. "Well sir, it's a pleasure to meet you. I can only imagine that if Sir Blegory has brought you in, things are surely as dire as I thought. Yes, we have lots of problems, of which you are well aware and I can only guess these same situation led to your own actions and exile."

She turned to equally face them both. "Well sir, what shall I call you... do you prefer Mr. Vorsch, Mr. Tooth...? And what plans do the two of you have for Gonzina AND how can I help?"

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