Family Matters

Mazda was right beside Faro and swatted him with her cane, "Cheating are we? Apologize to your brother, now. You made a deal, you have to own up to it. You disgrace of a son, you should know better, what would your father be thinking!?" She began rambling into Faro's ear, and got ready to swat him agian, however Regal took the hit, "Ow!" He rubbed his head, "I think it's enough mother." Regal turned to face his brother and put out his hand, "We suffered enough, Mace isn't from around here, he came from the Deathlands. He promised to change this place, he started living here with me, he just returned the favor. We are family, even after Kain, we have more of a reason to stick together. So what will it be, will you part away from our family or will you actually be my brother?" Regal had his hand out for Faro to take.
Victor walked through the palace, he stood when he saw Emily and Anna, "Anna, we had this talk before, this is the palace, not a place for you to bring in pets. Wait, your that hybrid's pet, Mace was his name? Hilarious, thinking everything will change like a fairytale, he should grow up for once." Victor looked over Emily for a moment, "I do have to say that something about you is, familiar. Have we met before?" He raised a brow at her.
Kain snarled, "Green Tooth is fine, the Vorsh family are weak, I am no longer a Vorsh." Vincent cleared his throat, "You won't be helping him, he will be helping you, I do suggest you keep him from the public eye. However he will be willing to do things we wouldn't be able to, he has information we can use, and most importantly, his power is very useful." Kain chuckled, "I only have one rule, if I want to kill someone, you stay out of my way. Don't worry, I have a list, they aren't anyone important." He grinned with a evil twist.

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