(No) Fear

Faro feared only one thing and he would never admit it... his mother's wrath. "Sorry little brother, you're right... we're family first." He called for Mace to join them and they retreated to Faro's private quarters. Faro gave his mother the best seat and saw to everyone getting a drink. Mace was pleased with this one, more used to hard-brewed beverages than the others he'd been given. Faro sat back, lit a cigar, and was about to speak when Mace jumped in.

"Alright, I'll get right to it... three favors and I'll just get right to it..."

"One. I need you to setup a meeting for me, on neutral territory, with someone in charge of the Grey Stalker Guild."

"Two. Tell me where I can find Joseph Richardson."

"Three," and could tell Faro was getting nervous, "pour me another glass of this stuff and give me one of those cigars cause dang, this stuff is good and I've been craving one of those since I first smelled it."

~ ~ ~

Emma was about to slap Victor when Anna caught her arm. "Apologies m'lord, she's new and had no idea... Please... take my hand instead of having hers chopped off and then, well, then... I'll sign myself over to you so you can just have me however you want."

Emma was stunned. She knew this was no laughing matter with the way Victor looked to be thinking it over and the palace guards, who came out of no where, began approaching.

~ ~ ~

"Agreed, on my one condition... no secrets. So tell me who is on your list. I want to make sure they pay any outstanding debts to me before you kill them," Lana replied.

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