Faro sucked in his teeth, "Fine. I'll bring Nethla tomorrow, at the gate. As for Joseph, that's a problem, no one has any idea where that man is." Mazda gave a nod, " No one has ever heard from him since he was almost stoned to death." Regal nodded, "He's kinda been a shadow, no one knows where he is, but he's here." The room became quiet gor the moment.
Victor put his hand out for Anna, "Come with me. Oh and Emily, be glad I'm not my brother or father. Your attempted would have lead with you slapped or worse. Let's go Anna, you won't resign, however you will make it up to me, in my quarters. Come with me." He turned to leave but stopped, "Emila, that's why you looked so familiar, must be her descendant." He soon left with Anna.
Kain pulled out five photographs, each one was a noble. "I'm after them. They are lesser nobles who like to indulge themselves in the torment of Gruvin. Happy now?" Vincent sighed, "Vicious as ever."

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