Confused and Enraged

Mace was disappointed but the fine drink and first drag of the cigar helped. "Tomorrow then," he said with a bow and began to head out of Faro's place.

"That's it?" Faro asked.

"What else would there be?" Mace replied.

"The code states since I could not see one request through, you get another," Faro answered standing. Mazda gave a proud smile in return, glad to see her son following through on things.

Mace thought it over. "Be good to Gruff and Tuff. They are good kids and did their best." He turned, offered a humble bow to all of Regal's family, and then he left, Regal at his heals. Back in the carriage, they headed out.

"Why in such a rush?" Regal asked.

"I have a bad feeling about Emily and Sophie..."

~ ~ ~

Emily tried to protest but the look of resignation Anna gave her sated it. The guards that stepped in her path didn't hurt either. Everything inside her wanted to scream for help, but she knew that's not what you did in a palace. She'd caused this and she'd make it right. She turned, grabbed Sophie's hand and headed to the main hall, hoping someone familiar might be there to help her...


~ ~ ~

"Yes, yes I am. None of them owe me money and their deaths will actually be good for my interests. So... if there is anything I can do to help, let me know," Lana replied. She thought over her next words carefully. "I'm sure you're familiar with the town. In the warehouse district, in the seedier section, is an old warehouse boarded up. It has signs all over warning of death and contamination if someone were to enter. You can't miss it. That's one of my many buildings and is completely safe. It also has an advanced security system which prevents anyone from actually crossing the grounds to the building. There are underground passages from the sewer up to the building. I'm sure a man of your talents will have no problem navigating around any of this. Meet me there tonight, at dusk. We have plans to make."

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