Offer and Acceptance

"Oh, before you screw up your face and spit at me and my boys, ya should know that you have no steering. The boat is not going far lass. So choose wisely."

She was afraid of that from the damage they'd taken on. Since they'd been raided there'd be no pay and with no pay she couldn't help her family. She never wanted to be a pirate, but desperate times called for even more desperate measures.

"Yes, yes, yes and yes," she responded. She could tell the captain and his crew were confused. "Yes... I just shot you with a bow and arrow. I can fire more shots and faster, farther, and quieter than most can with a gun. And yes... it's real oak - I made it myself from an old dresser I scavenged, along with the arrows - extra strong. And yes... me and the lads will show you where we were attacked and join your crew. We show up empty handed and they'll not pay us or accuse us of cowardice or conspiracy anyways. And by the site of your crew, you could use a new and better first mate..."

She strolled forward, easing the

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