"Damn it," the stranger said to Chloe's back as she walked away, "what's a girl gotta do to buy you a meal, drink, and offer you a job? It comes with other perks... if you are interested?"

Sandra was a bored, little, rich girl. She didn't fit the mold of the upper class or her eighth Crysaline blood, especially not as her father would have her be. If he had his way, she'd marry the first and most pure blooded Crysaline he could find for her and they'd start making grandchildren more pure than he and his daughter were.

Being mixed breed and now a few generations down had never been easy on her father but Sandra didn't care. She wanted something more than galas and balls. And she especially didn't want some man telling her how to live. She'd seen Chloe in the streets before and had set her mind to a few things... One, she'd meet her. Check. Two, she'd buy her a drink and a meal... so far she failed at that. And that meant she'd like not be able to hire her as a body guard or take her bed with her.

And she wanted the last one more than anything...

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