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Summary: Werewolf protector of Elyantra.


Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Werewolves

Character type

Magical animal


Protection of Elyantra. In the non-magical world, she is a pet. Here, she is a bodyguard. She is the alpha female of her pack. They hunt well enough to provide meat to else’s who can no longer fend for themselves.

Physical Appearance

In normal world, she is a large, white Alaskan Malamute. In AR, she is a white Timberwolf or a tow headed human. She is taller than the average woman, about 5’11” and is a larger female wolf. She is wiry and muscular. Her honed senses mean that she is always alert to the slightest changes. As a human, she is quite beautiful, her skin is caramel brown and her eyes are bright, ethereal blue. The eyes remain so in wolf form.

Personality and interests

Freesia is quite attentive to her own attractiveness. In her human form, she chooses the clothes that most exquisitely enhance her figure and coloring. She uses a little makeup to highlight her natural snd striking features. She tried to get others in the pack to let her do makeovers.
She is also very proud of her physical prowess. She lives to exercise and have mock fights with other pack members in both forms to hone her skills. She never loses.
She is intense about protecting both Elyantra and AR. Secrecy is important and well-maintained. Her mate is her favorite sparring partner. Being pinned by him doesn’t feel so much like defeat. Sometimes she even lets him win for that benefit! She eagerly awaits when they will bring a cub or two into their family. Until then, enjoying their intimacy body, mind, and spirit is very fulfilling.


Freesia was born to a beta. Her size and intellect, though, destined her for an alpha position. Her alpha was older but she would never dare challenge as she found it disrespectful.
Her Alpha saw her potential though snd took her education into her own hands. Freesia had learned how to hunt from her mom. However, at 3, her mom had been too eager in a chase and sustained an injury that ended her life. Alpha took over. She taught her more about the hunt, how to lead, how to choose a proper mate, and how to fulfill your duties to pack as well as AR. When Alpha felt she was unable to fulfill her duties any longer, she spoke to her mate snd they stepped aside and lifted Freesia snd her mate, Nero, to the Alpha position. The former alphas were still revered and respected in the pack. They were never disrespected or challenged snd were cared for until they passed on.

Favourite food


Any Eccentricity

Her “prissiness” even comes through in dog form. She brings her brush to Elly or Michael daily to make sure her coat is in tiptop shape. She holed in response to others. This is completely normal within the lake but in the innocent world, it’s a bit of a nuisance that she is unable to control it.

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