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Summary: A political figure in both worlds

Victor Rinn

Gender: Male

Age: 422

Group: Vampires

Character type

Humanoid creature


He is a politician in both magical and non magical worlds.
He is skilled in the dark arts of magic, but keeps it a secret. He knows how to twist people to get what he wants.

Physical Appearance

He has combed black hair, pale skin, and dark eyes. He wears a green and black suit. He is slender but handsome. In the normal world, his skin isn't as pale but still pale. On his chest is a large burn in the shape of claw marks.

Personality and interests

He is selfish, deceitful, manipulative, and cunning.
He wants to keep power in both worlds and likes it secrecy, mostly because he know what could happen if it's destroyed.


Victor was turned in his twenties by his predecessor, a vampire queen of the Shadow Born Court. He spent most of his time in the alternative world. However when he was 100 he finally returned to the normal world with his master. There they came into contact with a creature known as a Cambion, which killed his master and scarred him for life. He took over the court after returning, defeating a Cambion was a high status for the court. He would later become a politician for both worlds.

Favourite food

Bloody Steak

Any Eccentricity

He likes the order of the world but worries about past conflicts returning, due to this he always has a plan that he shares with Elyantra. Most of these are for taking over the normal world.

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Image of Victor Rinn
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