OOC - Intro to Alternative Reality

Place: Chapel Hill, NC
Time: Present

Chapel Hill, NC is part college town, part historical site, part new age art and craft fair, and part medical community. Nearby, there are other colleges, a mall, nature preserves and public parks. The area is very progressive in its thought and politics which differs from many areas of the state. The population is varied ethnically, religiously, and in sexuality. For the most part, even those who disagree have a live and let live attitude.
Our story begins with a seemingly normal master’s degree student. Her life near the campus of the local college reflects one many college graduates can identify with.

Place: Alternative Reality
Time: Present
In certain spaces, there are warp portals that lead to Alternative Reality. In Chapel Hill, there are more than you would imagine. Why? Because there are more masked beings than in the usual small American town. Chapel Hill offers a lot of interests for innocents and magicals.
In Alternative Reality, there are groups of magicals that live and fraternize together the majority of the time. Healers and Unicorns, witches and werecats, seers and chimera. Each group shares some gifts. Werewolves are solitary to their packs though.
Once a month, one or two representatives of each group gather with their leader to discuss any issues or news from either world. There are also celebrations where everyone is invited to revel together.
Alternative Reality is a world that enjoys clean air and water, lovely natural forests and resembles the proverbial garden of Eden in its beauty and bounty. Its inhabitants are most careful to protect its pristine environment. Those who need shelter create homes that blend in with the nature around them and are environment friendly as well as self-sustaining.

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