Elly (“human name”) awoke to her Alaskan Malamute, Freesia, licking her face. Freesia was eager for a jaunt in the early coolness of the day. Elly laughed and rose from the bed, roughing Freesia’s fur. She kissed her partner, Michael, on his sleeping forehead. She donned her exercise shorts and a neon tank over her sports bra. She attached Freesia’s leash to the dog’s collar snd her wrist. It was a formality really. She had to follow the law. However, Freesia would never leave her side.
They walked briskly through the quaint historic neighborhood until they reached the trail system. They both loved walking/hiking the trails. They were in nature and saw so many non-magical animals there.
It started to drizzle a bit but since it was about 72 degrees F, it was not an issue. As they approached the twin poplars, Freesia looked up at Elly and whined quietly. Then she sat. It was her signal that she was hearing a need from the Alternative Reality.
“Really?” Elly asked. “Ok let’s go!”
As they reached the poplars, a slight shimmer appeared between the trunks and a bit of electricity snapped. It was the change that happened in the surrounding air when a portal opened. No one else would have noticed if they had been around. The two stepped through the portal into the lush forest on the opposite side.

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