The Commotion

As Elyantra and Freesia entered AR, they could hear the commotion. Elyantra’s clothing morphed into an ethereal white to purple ombré ankle-link frock. Her hair became silvery and Freesia’s fur sparkled with magical electricity.
They hurried toward the arguing. There was also scuffling and Freesia let out a low growl. This was not how the AR populace was supposed to behave. Suddenly, to Elyantra’s right, Victor appeared. He joined them and gave Elyantra the details of what led up to the argument, who was involved, and his advice as to how it should be handled. His advice always seemed to involve some form of punishment, torture, or banishment. At any rate, all were much more extreme than what Elyantra would meet out. He knew it. She thought he just liked to see the grimaces on her face as she heard his ideas.

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