Rules are Rules

Victor himself woke up that da in the AR. He did his daily routine, get up, stretch, eat something, brush his fangs, the works. He quickly put himself in his normal outfit before flying out the window as a mass of smoke, something his Court was known for. While others turned to bats, grew wings, or something on those lines, the Shadow Court could become shadow smoke to fly around, and made them much more of a threat in the normal world.
As he landed on the sidewalk he watched as two citzens were arguing, they were part of two rival groups. Of course he watched slowly become a soon to be terf war. Thankfully Elyantra showed up. Sure, he like to mention torture, banishment, and punishments that are extremely rough. However the only reason he suggest it was be believe Elyantra was way too kind with her punishments. "I only suggested these my lady, I simply believe that you are too light about the punishments. That is all." He really didn't want their secrecy to be blown, he knew how it would go if it was destroyed, the many vampire courts have the same memory of those events.

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