“Ahem!” Elyantra coughed but was unheard above the din. She tried a couple times more each a bit louder to no effect. “Ugh.” She thought. “I’ll have to force them apart.” She drew her hands together and closed her eyes. As she opened her eyes she cupped her hands, palms facing, left atop the right. An invisible, globe-like perimeter held purple electricity bouncing to get out. She gave a command in Latin, “Duas redigebat separare!” The globe launched forward and landed with a blast between the combatants, leaving them in whimpering heaps. “Go.” Elyantra told Freesia who was all too happy to retrieve the troublemakers and place them at Elyantra’s feet.
“You are quite aware that disagreements in AR are not to be handled by aggression or violence?”
Both nodded.
“And yet you chose to break this law of our covenant! What punishment shall be meted? I’m sure Victor has some powerful discouragements in mind. Shall I take his advice?”
The quarrelers yelped at the thought of it and tears welled in their eyes.
“You will be contained overnight while I ponder this considering that I cannot trust you not to fight again.
At that, she raised her right hand, pointing her index finger and drew a line in the air upward until the trajectory reached 7 feet. “Claudo!” She commanded and an impenetrable magic force field imprisoned each of them. She and Freesia turned and walked away toward her the gardens of her bungalow.

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