“Ugh! Another drain on my time and energy.” Elyantra thought. It wasn’t that she was overwhelmed or displeased with her responsibilities here. It was more of a ‘when it rains it pours’ sentiment. She was about to address the stranger when Victor spoke.
“Sir! You are addressing the supreme ruler of this land! I suggest you afford her the courtesy and respect she deserves!”
Elyantra was momentarily speechless. She had never known Victor to be so ....protective?....assertive? One of his most useful qualities as her advisor was his ability to inform her of events in an unbiased and dispassionate way.
The stranger was flummoxed. He bowed deeply. “I..I...I do apologize. I had no idea of your station only of your power. I have learned to recognize the marks of powerful and caring people on my search for help.” explained the stranger.
Victor was unimpressed. “What is your business here?” he gruffly queried.
“May we begin with introductions? Then I’d like to find a comfortable place to sit in order to relay my quest.”
It was a perfectly reasonable request and had there been a hint of danger Elyantra would have used a protection spell. However, Freesia was perfectly calm. She had not bristled at the stranger’s presence or growled at all. This was all Elyantra needed. She trusted that the stranger meant them no harm.

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