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Summary: Through the forest I hear your call

Liliana drago

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Elves





Class and Speciality

Mage- Healing magic


Free spirited like the woods she grew up in. Calm and sweet with a giving heart, graceful and an old spirit. She is a healer at heart but to protect those she cares for she will be whatever she needs to be.


Her Elven name is Tatharwen which means willow maiden. Her family hide from the blight deep in the frost back basin. Both of her parents were dalish and taught her the ways of their people. She found she had a knack for healing magic and potions when she was young. When she was about sixteen her parents never returned from a supply run. She has been on her own since, wandering the world in search of them.

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Image of Liliana drago
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