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Image of Vasara Glyndark

Summary: Ancient elf in the modern day.

Vasara Glyndark

Gender: Female

Age: Biologically: 34 Chronologically: 1840

Group: Elves


Elvhenan (originally)
None (currently)


Ancient Elf

Class and Speciality

Class: Mage
Specialties: Arcane Warrior & Knight-Enchanter


She is a pacifist by nature but when it comes to her family, she will kill anyone or anything that threatens them. She was a housewife. She loved it, she spent all day taking care of the house and raising her children. She woke up every morning with a smile. Then everything changed. Her wife was killed by the Tevinter Imperium and war broke out. She could not look at her children without crying as they looked so much like her wife. She joined the war effort becoming a ruthless warrior slaughtering every Tevinter she saw never showing mercy. Over time as a statue, she had a lot of time to think and grieve. She eventually lost interest in vengeance or revenge. She wants nothing more than to die honorably and to pass on to the afterlife to rejoin her beloved and their children.


-1004 Ancient: Vasara was born.

-1001 Ancient: Vasara started a lifelong study of magic.

-992 Ancient: Met Adani Glyndark and it was love at first sight.

-989 Ancient: After graduating basic magical training she was given a Spellweaver by her father as a graduation present.

-988 Ancient: Married Adani Glyndark. Both Vasara and Adani each received a Blade of Glyndark as a wedding present.

-987 Ancient: Adani went out hunting but was forced into battle against the Tevinter Imperium. She died from wounds and poison received in battle.

-986 Ancient: She joined the war against the Tevinter Imperium she was assigned to Itor a squadron of elite warriors and mages.

-984 Ancient: When her commanding officer died in battle, she led her squad to victory against overwhelming odds.

-983 Ancient: Vasara was made the commander of the Itor. Every commander was given a knife to signify their leadership.

-980 Ancient: Vasara fell for a trap. Her entire squadron was decimated leaving only her. Surrounded by Tevinter mages she was turned into a living statue.

-975 Ancient: Vasara's statue form was moved to the heart of the city square of Minrathous she was forced to watch as her people were subjugated to slavery.

-692 Ancient: Vasara saw Archon Tidarion using a Blade of Glyndark that he dared to rename the Blade of Tidarion. She became enraged and seethed with unbridled anger. She then noticed the mages of Tevinter were engaged in a civil war, her anger turned to elation with every Tevinter mage death she saw.

-620 Ancient: The Tevinter Civil War ended, and the Tevinter Imperium survived greatly disappointing Vasara.

-575 Ancient: Vasara notices demon summoning become a regular occurrence.

-400 Ancient: Vasara's statue was taken out city square of Minrathous and moved somewhere she has never seen before. She had a better view at least.

-395 Ancient: The First Blight begins. Vasara was thoroughly disgusted by the things coming from underground and begrudgingly hoped the Tevinter Imperium won just so she did not have to look at the Darkspawn.

-295 Ancient: The First Blight still ongoing and Vasara gave up hope on ever seeing an end to those things. Every member of the estate she lived on perished.

-203 Ancient: The First Blight ended. She was so relieved to never have to see those Darkspawn again.

-100 Ancient: Vasara was sold and moved somewhere in Orlais. She was placed on display in a gorgeous garden.

1:4 Divine: The newest owners of the estate she lived on did not care for her and placed her in storage and covered with a tarp.

9:34 Dragon: The spell used to turn Vasara into a living statue was dependent upon the bloodline of every mage responsible lasting for eternity. She was freed when the last descendent died without an heir.

9:40 Dragon: Vasara openly participated in the Mage-Templar War. She made sure any Templar who crossed her path ended up dying a very painful death.

9:44 Dragon: Vasara refused to join Dread Wolf. She remembered the stories about him and how he destroyed the Elvhen and took away their mortality. She blamed him for the death of her wife. She joined the Inquisition. She made it her mission to see to it that Solas died along with any elf stupid enough to join him.

Love Intrest

Adani Glyndark (deceased)

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