Turon awoke with the scent of sweet wild flowers and something soft in his arms, he had never felt so rested before, usually dreams invade him and he does not sleep well, but this night no dreams came. For a moment he forgot where he was until the soft sweet smelling thing in his arms moved slightly

He opened his eyes and nearly fell from the bed. He had forgotten that he had fallen asleep next to Liliana. He tried to get out of the bed without waking her.

She turned in his arms, her arms went around his waist and her head rested on his chest

He sighed and pulled her in close. In this position, he could bury his face in her hair. He could take her scent into him where it would stay to warm his heart. There was something about her that made him act out of character, he had never touched someone this much or needed to at that. It was a need almost now, her hand moved and brushed his skin underneath his shirt, it as a innocent act yet it was like he felt Electricity run through skin. He couldn't help it. He let his hand naturally drift down to cradle her and his lips pressed against her forehead. He felt a tingle against his lips, almost like magic was flowing into him from her

He looked and saw a Dalish mark appear as if hidden from the world and only he held the key to revealing it. He knew that mark. It was from the Drago Clan, thought lost after traveling to seek new lands to settle in. Land near Tevinter.

She moved in her sleep her head tilted and he felt her lips brush his but before he could react the door opened and all hell broke loose
When Higran woke up he was alone in the back of the cart.

He dressed and climbed out, saying, "Come on, Buttercup." But she wasn’t there or anywhere around the cart. He heard laughed from inside the inn , the closer he got he heard nuggets voice “and then just to make sure they learned some manners I stole all their nickers!” She said and the crowd around her laughed

"Alright, Buttercup," said Higran. "Time to go see how your friend is doing. She didn't look so well last night." He bent down next to her ear. "Why didn't you wake me up? I don't like waking up alone after a night like that."

She looked at him “I had things to do , as simple as that, besides it’s not like we are a pair or anything, you wanna sleep that your business “ she said standing up “just be grateful I didn’t kill ya or rob ya blind,” she said with a wink and started to walk towards the room they had rented

"I just want you to wake me, woman," Higran said. "That way I can prepare for the day."

“Again it’s not my job to wake ya” she said with a serious tone yet he could see her smiling “besides you snore like a bear and they always tell ya not to wake a sleepin bear”

"At least you said I had the potential to be dangerous," he said with his own smile.

“You didn’t seem dangerous last night when I hand your hands tied and I was..” she trailed off as she opened the door to the room and was caught of guard by the sight “what in the bloody hell!” She said and reached for her throwing knife

"It's not what it looks like, Nugget," said Turon. "Trust me on this." He looked at Higran. "Help?"

"I can't help here," said Higran.

Nugget threw the knife and turon used a magic blast to send it the other way, that woke liliana up with a gasp and Yelp. She grabbed onto him instinctively and they both rolled off the bed with her on top of him. She groaned and was ripped off of him by nugget. She cried out as her dressed ripped with nuggets force. Higran got a full view of her back that was covered in whipping scars. Liliana gauged her dress to her chest and whimpered but nugget was to mad to notice what she had done and was going for turon “I warned you not to cross a line! I told you this was your last chance!” She said pointing her cross bow at his chest

Higran grabbed a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around liliana and said, "Buttercup, Red needs you. Her clothes were still on and..."

“And you! I bet you were in on what did he ask of you? Distract me for the night so he could make his move on her? She is sick! I knew a brothel owner wouldn’t care about woman but I didn’t think you were this sick” she said and turned back to turon “the only reason you won’t die today is because of your cause for the dalish, though how a nasty , sick selfish man like you could ever do any good I don’t understand or believe it” She said in a cold tone and walked backwards towards liliana who had her head down and was shaking as she gripped the sheet tightly around her. She grabbed liliana by her arm and tried to force her to her feet “get up woman we are leaving, it would be safer to hire street rats then travel with these two any longer “ she said but liliana was having trouble getting up “nug...wait please I....” liliana began “I said up woman!” And she yanked her up making her sheet drop, exposing her back to turon “what happened to your dress!” Nug said dropping her cross bow and quickly grabbing the sheet “did you do this do her!” She asked glaring at turon

"She was clothed, in the bed, under a blanket," said Turon getting up. "When you attacked, you ripped her dress and revealed something she'd rather keep hidden. Instead of looking at the situation and seeing all details, you assumed I attacked her. In reality, we just woke up." He picked up the sheet and put it around Liliana. "We talked last night, me and Liliana. We told each other where the boundaries were so we don't repeat what happened in the woods."

"And Turon didn't ask me to distract you," Higran said, trying to sound neutral despite the accusation. "If he had, we wouldn't have surprised him last night. Buttercup, you are worried for your friend. I understand. Talk to Liliana. Turon and I will go get the wagon ready to leave."

“No” said liliana making them all stop “I’m.
Firm believer in making amends when you do something wrong...” she said looking down at the ground “you owe Turon and Higran a apology and to be honest I want to be alone” she said as her tears hit the floor and she covered herself tighter with the sheet and ran from the room “lil wait I’m sorry....ah damn it,” nug said pitching her nose “look I ain’t good with this ok, it’s been me and her for a long time and men think just cause we are woman we are easy targets and that girl ain’t no fighter but I have honor if I’m wrong here I’m sorry” she said looking at them both, she looked Higran in the eyes “I really am....but it’s dangerous out there so can we talk about this later and go find her”

"It's never easy to admit when we are wrong," said Higran. "Let's..."

Turon threw on his robe and grabbed his staff, not waiting on them. He had to find Liliana and talk to her.

"Well, follow him," said Higran. "I'll explain the room."

She waited only a moment "I really am sorry...I don't know if it helps but dwarf or not it be a long time since I was ya know...with someone like that" she said and he could tell she was uncomfortable" anyways...yeah" she said and left.

"Same," he said after she left.
Turon checked the inn and she wasn't there, he went outside to the cart, he found evidence she had been there getting a new dress but she was not there now, but he found her foot prints and followed them to the back of the inn and down the alley and stopped in front of a herb store. He went inside and found her at the counter talking to the owner " how much is it?" She asked and the man replied "for knife ears the price is double so five silvers" said the man in a nasty tone " bit if you want the regular price all ya got to do is give my boy a free ride in your room" said the old man with a smirk "I'm not a lady of that inn sir" liliana said in a low tone "oh? So you aren't one of Marcus girls then who's are ya? Or are you here alone?"

Turon slammed the end of his staff down and said, "She is with me and I suggest you treat the woman fairly, shem, before I call on some nasty little friends of mine."

"Is that a threat knife ears? " Glared the man slamming a sword down on the counter "no sir it wasn't...we are leaving sorry to have wasted your time" liliana said pushing on turons chest trying to get him to move back and leave

"I don't make threats," said Turon, flames igniting the end of his staff. "I make promises."

Liliana started to panic "turon stop!" She said and grabbed his face and made him look at her "stop....please" she said in a begging tone "you will only make it harder on the next elf that walks in here..." She said

He let the flame go out and put his arm around her shoulders. He didn't say another word but made a note to tell the others of trouble that would come later. The man wasn't one to be denied coin or women. Turon could tell that much.

Once outside liliana moved away from him quickly and let a breath out she didn't know she had been holding "you should not have done that...why are you here I said I wanted to be left alone" she said

"I came because the streets around here are dangerous to female elves," he said. "I know you need time alone with your thoughts, but the shems here... not knowing how to defend yourself will get you hurt in more ways than one."

"You threatening people will draw attention too.. we need to leave now" she said in a urgent tone and they left for the cart. When they got there everything was ready to go and it looked like nug and Higran where on good terms again as he helped her in the cart "see I told ya he would bring her back safely " nug just shrugged "we need to go, like now" liliana said getting into the cart and shutting the door behind her

"The merchant tried to con her out of money," said Turon to Nugget. "He even tried to get her to sleep with someone for herbs. I stepped in, but she made us leave. No doubt he will send some of his men after us to get to Liliana and to teach me a lesson." He looked at her. "Will fighting them satisfy you?"

"Not this time" she said and made the horse go into full speed. After about an hour and way out of the city nugget suddenly stopped the cart and stood up " wait.....she was trying to buy herbs?" She said in a panicked tone interupting their conversation they were having on what was the best route to take

"Yes," he said. "We forgot to tell you. We were preparing the wagon and a bag fell. She caught it and got poisoned. That is why she is unwell. She may have been buying herbs for that, but I am unsure." Flames seemed to erupt in Turon's eyes. "The way he looked at her."

"Hey!" Higran said, patting his beard. "You just singed my hair!"

"You should shave," said Turon. "You weren't made for beards."

Nugget suddenly leaped off the cart and ran to the back, she tried to open up the door “dammit let me in!” She yelled and punched her hand through the door and unlocked it and threw open the doors. Liliana laid on her blanket and nugget got in the cart and called to Higran “help me! Get the green bottle that’s in that chest to my left” she said in a urgent tone “I’m so stupid! I was so upset over you two I didn’t think about it!” She said in a angry yet panicked tone

Higran grabbed the bottle and gave it to Nugget. Turon sat on the other side of Liliana, moving sweaty strands of hair from Liliana's face tenderly. He grabbed a cloth and got it damp to dab at her forehead and face to cool her down.

“I changed the antidote position for my prickles, I forgot to tell her, the herbs from that would not mix well with the potion she took to get her through Templar territory. We need to get her to a heal, now” she said as she bit off the top to the bottle and forced her mouth open, she took a mouth full of the potion and put her mouth over hers and sat her up slightly to make her swallow “that will hold the fever at bay but we don’t have anything we need to fix this” she said in a shaking tone. She looked at turon “I need you to take her, you would be the fastest on your horse, we will follow the best we can but don’t wait for us, go to the next town as fast as you can but’s Templar territory” she said in a serious tone

He picked up Liliana and put her on his horse before climbing on himself, saying, "Pray I make it. I know I will."

With that, he set off at a full gallop. He would not spare his horse, though he wished it were a hala instead. He followed the road as best as he could but several times, he went through pure forest with no road in sight. He managed to reach the town just as the sun started to set. He kicked in the door to the healer's hut and laid her down on a table.

"Please," he said, "she needs aid."

The healer came over and took off lilianas hood and took a step back “we are forbidden to help elf’s here” she said with her hands up

"I'm not asking for help," he said, looking at the woman. "I'm demanding it. I'll pay whatever price."

“It’s the law I’m sorry but you need to...” she stopped mid sentence when she saw the slave mark on lilianas neck. She frowned and went back over to her “oh your her owner..I’m sorry I didn’t know” she said and started examining her “do you know what she was poisoned with? “ she asked “also I just need your papers of ownership before I can treat her” she said

"I am not her owner and she is not a slave!" he said. "This is Fereldan, not Tevinter! When did the king allow this! He saw what Logain did! He would not allow slavery of elves or of any race! She is dying!"

She took a step back and looked uncomfortable “um sorry right...I’ll go get some things to help with that fever....” she said backing away slowly

Using his magic he shut the door and said, "You will treat the poison now. You know what it is, you've no doubt seen it before. Now, cure her and I'll think about not hitting you with a lightning bolt."

“I don’t know what poison it is I’m sorry...even if I wanted to help I can’t” she said not moving but he could see she was getting desperate and looking for a way out

He went up to her and said, "There is no way out. If you were a real healer, you would know this poison and how to treat it." He grabbed her by the throat. "Now, I will have to think of what to do with you while I find the healer's books and do this myself."

“Get your filthy hands off me knife ears!” She said and pulled out a knife and went to stab him in the stomach

Turon sent a bolt of lightning through her, making her unable to move. He let her fall to the ground and bound her hands and feet. He started looking for the healer's book.

He was still looking about a half hour later when nuggets and Higran came in “what the hell is going on?” Nugget said going over to liliana “why is the healer on the ground tied up?”

"She is no healer," said Turon, tossing another book aside. "She knew what the marks were on Liliana and assumed I was her master. She is a slave trader or works with them. Here, in Fereldan. Where it is forbidden and the sentence for selling people is death. Help me look for the healer's books. I doubt the true healer is still alive. She preys on the injured and sells them to Tevinter. She would have done the same to Liliana and myself." He tossed another book. "I paralyzed her, but didn't kill her. When we are through here, Higran..."

"I'll report her so you and Red don't get caught," he said. "Buttercup will act like the one injured while you two sneak out and away from here so the Templars don't find you both."

“She will say otherwise, but we can figure it out later...we need to wake her up if I tell her what change she might be able to tell us what to do” nugget said

"She will wake up in ten seconds," said Turon.

“Good” nugget said walking over and stabbed the woman in the leg on her upper thigh making sure it went deep enough to be in the bone. The woman woke up screaming but nugget put a rag in her mouth “you better listen up closely, that knife I just recked your leg with was laced with the same poison she is infected with” she said and started naming the herbs “so I suggest you start thinking about that antidote “ nugget said in a threatening tone

"Even if she made the brew and was a healer, she won't help Liliana," said Turon. "She said it was illegal for her to help 'knife ears'."

"Well, she sealed her fate with Turon," said Higran. "Do we know her name? I might have some information on her."

The woman started to sweat and began saying something so nugget took out the rag “even if I tell you how to make it you won’t give it to me so ..” she spit in nuggets face and Higran had to grab her from killing the woman

Turon looked at the woman and said, "Unlike you, we won't hold back a cure just because you are a piece of shemlan trash. We will give you the antidote regardless because we are better than you."

Liliana groaned making them all look her way, her eyes where slightly opened and she looked liked she was in pain. Nugget rushed over there and started to name ingredients “quick lil what the cure” she said in a urgent tone. Liliana looked like she was trying to say something but she looked to weak to say anything g “come on I know you can do this tell me what I need “ she said sitting her up by grabbing her behind the arms and pulling. Lilianas head came foreword and rested on nuggets shoulder “lil I don’t speak elvish! “ nugget said in frustration

Turon grabbed a bottle and said, "It means 'demon weed' and it is very rare. Most of its uses are still unknown. There is just enough for two doses."

“Give her one and save the other” said nugget “I didn’t poison her with the same thing anyways” she said as the woman passed out “eh she’ll be fine” nugget shrugged and laid liliana back down “I leave her in your hands” nuggets said showing him a little bit of trust “we will turn her in, there is a reward for slave traders, with it we can make sure we are well prepared for the rest of the trip” she said going over to the woman “Higran grab those books they are evidence of her crimes”

"Liliana and I will still need time to escape," said Turon. "Once we are out of sight, then you can turn her in. The last thing we need is an army of Templars chasing us."

“The cart is around back, make the potion then go in the back of the cart with her, you will need to fix the door to lock it but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Keep quiet and don’t use any magic, you can give her the potion once your safe in there, hurry” nugget said as she dragged the woman out of the place

Turon nearly tripped on his way to Liliana. He remembered how Nugget had to get her to take the last potion. Higran chuckled and left. Turon picked up Liliana and snuck her to the wagon. He locked it from the inside and sat down. He put the potion in his mouth and fed it to her. Electricity shot though him.

Her lips moved against his as she swallowed. His white hair fell over her like it was giving them privacy. He would not count this as a intimate act between them, she was sick and needed help. When he had fed her the whole potion. He started to dab her head with the cloth to help clean her of the sweat she had from the fever. After a few moments she started to feel cooler to the touch, her breathing got stronger and color returned to her skin. But just when he was starting to feel relief he also felt her magic was slowly returning

He didn't know what to do. If he used magic to suppress her magic, the Templars would know. If he mixed up her potion, they would feel that too. He started to panic. He could naturally suppress his magic, but Liliana never learned how.

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