Show and tell

"Your friend here has gone crazy and thinks he can put a knife to my throat without any consequences" said nugget in a threatening tone. Liliana quickly got out of the cart "wait please higran I'm sure it's a misunderstanding nugget doesn't steal like this...if she needed coin she would have asked" liliana said in a sincere tone

"I know she has it," he said. "I had it when we got away from the Templars you brought down on us. She and I were alone. No one else. I gave her the potion and she stole all the coin I have." He moved the knife from her throat. "Since we aren't near a town, I guess I'll have to take payment a different way." He drew back his hand. "I'll start with the trigger finger. If you don't fess up, Buttercup, I'll take the whole damn hand."

"Wait!" Liliana said in a scared tone "please...higran think about this we all are just tired and had to fight...what if I check her huh? I'll pay her down and see if she has it" liliana offered with her hands up

Turon said, "I knew she couldn't be trusted. I say we just cut off her hand and leave her to the wolves."

"How dare you! Nugget fought with you both!" Liliana said "and don't forget she was sent to kill you and didn't, she is a good person!" Liliana said in a more upset tone

Turon didn't say a word. He went up to Nugget, causing Hirgan to put the knife down so as not to hurt his friend. He began to feel around her waist. Suddenly, he pulled out the coin purse and tossed it at Liliana's feet.

"And what do you call this?" he asked. "She is a thief and a liar. I doubt she was hired by anyone. She's a wanted criminal, after all. She played you for a fool. She was probably planning on selling you back to Tevinter to get the price off her own head." He looked at Higran. "Cut off both hands. If she survives the wolves, let pity be her only reward."

"This is a mistake! I know it is don't speak I'll about her!" Liliana eyes turned green like they were glowing "please! Punish me it's my fault I'm the one wanted in redcliff not her of she took it, it was to help me" she said in a desperate tone and everyone felt a warmth start to invade them, soothing them, calming them. Liliana began to cry "please Higran" she said dropping to her knees and crawling over to him, nugget had to look away from her "please....I'm helpless without her...I...I can't use any abilities...she is all I have we...we will go...we will leave and I'll pay you back the money please" she said in a sobbing and desperate tone "I....I'll do anything" she begged

"It wasn't you who conned me into sleeping with them just for fifteen gold coins!" Higran yelled. "This is about pride as much as the coin. I'm going to enjoy these screams too, Buttercup."

His knife drew blood and liliana suddenly grabbed his wrist, her eyes fully glowing green "please.....let her go" her voice echoed like it was not only her speaking "you have caused enough pain for me to awaken, is that not worth more then your coin" she said meeting his gaze "you are torturing the weak and the innocent" she said

"What kind of spirit are you?" Turon asked. "You are no demon and she is no abomination. So, I must know. Are you a friend or foe?"

Still looking at higran she spoke "I am mercy, forgiveness and love, I am the calm that washes over anger, peace that come with reconciliation, I am Benevolence and so is liliana, she is me and I am her, forever bound a union made in both sacrifice and love" she said "we harm none and give ourselves to other's, to bring light into darkness one must sacrifice" she said "let the woman go, the only guilt she carries is hurting me" she said

"I carry the spirit of Justice," said Turon as Higran released Nugget. "The lands of my people were taken from us long ago and I aim to reclaim them. Is it you who has made me act out of character towards Liliana? If so, I ask that you stop."

Once nugget was free liliana turned toward turon "I make no false feelings and influence none, that would be harmful and dishonest, I have not been awakened fully until this moment" she said "whatever you have felt towards us was your own" she said "I still slept when we eased your anger, she does not call me awake unless she is in deep pain" she said and Higran saw nugget flinch at that, knowing she felt horrible she caused her friend pain so bad as to awake the spirit within her "though I will admit your coldness and anger have made me stir not once did we do anything dishonest to you" she said in a serious tone before looking at nugget again "you are safe and I am no longer needed we need to rest, she should not have awoken me with her being so weak" she said

Turon's face became stony, hiding his shock. He turned around and walked away. Higran handed the healing potion to Nugget. He wasn't going to say anything. He knew that the spirit knew the truth, that he wasn't going to hurt Nugget. But he felt bad about hurting Liliana. He looked apologetically at Nugget.

Liliana's eyes came back to her normal golden brown and she covered her mouth in shock "how could you..." She said looking at nugget and turned to walk away

Higran took her by the arm and said, "It was my idea. We had no way to show Skippy that you and Nugget could be trusted. I didn't realize we were causing you pain."

She ripped her arm from his grip “your lying! Only she would know how to...” the look of betrayal on her face hit them both hard, they have all been betrayed one way or another in their life and they knew that look. Liliana grabbed her coin purse from her belt and threw it at their feet “consider this my notice of leaving the party” she said and turned and walked away “wait lil! I was only...” nugget began but she was cut off when liliana said “I don’t want to hear it....we are through and if you follow me I will kill you” she said without looking back and that made nugget stop in her tracks

"Red, you know that Buttercup wouldn't have done it if it wasn't important," he said. "If there is no trust in the group, you may as well not travel together. We were hoping for a peaceful trip, not one filled with everyone looking over their shoulders."

“There is no trust....” she said and got up on Higran horse “a trade for my coin” she said “lil wait please I...” but once again liliana cut her off “I hope he was worth it...because all you had to do was talk to me...but you were so desperate to prove to him that you were....never mind it doesn’t even matter...” she said and launched the horse into full gallop and disappeared into the forest “wait!” Nugget yelled

He handed Nugget the reins to Turon's horse and said, "Go. I'll wait for Skippy and we will meet you in the clearing down the road. Be back before dawn."

She didn’t move or look at him “there is no point...we made a promise and she just said the code word for it....she really isn’t coming back” she said in a emotionless tone though her voice was shaking “I knew the risk but...I’m glad she is gone, that elven ruin is not somewhere she should be two birds one stone” she said with a shrug “let’s start setting up camp” she said and started to grab things from the cart

Mud hit the back of her head. Higran picked up another clod.

"Only a moron would let someone defenseless just run away," he said. "She won't listen to us. Only you. So, if you care for her as much as you say you do, then you will go after her. Protect her from the ruins, fine, but don't use them as an excuse because you will regret it later."

“You think you know me so well huh?!” She yelled turning towards him “well you don’t, I only kept her around because she was useful! I dare say she was my most prized possession, she cooked, clean and healed me when I needed it and she was able to distract anyone I needed her to distract, that’s it, people like me don’t have friends and I prefer it that way, this world is cruel enough without people close to you stabbing you in the back” she said in a serious tone “besides anyone looking for her won’t kill her, she is wanted alive, as property she is valuable, she wants to claim I hurt her but she should be grateful I didn’t sell her out along time ago because she was right she is worth a pretty penny” she said slamming the box she had in her had on the ground “any thing else you want to assume?”

"Are all dwarves this stubborn?" Turon asked, walking back. "Or just you. If you don't bring her back, I will. Because you can't deny the truth."

"Skippy is right," said Higran. "You aren't a dwarf from Orzammar anymore. You are a surface dwarf. We are of different stock. We know the cruelties of the world and choose to be different."

"You are being selfish, Nugget," Turon said. "The pain others cause heals with time. But the pain you cause to yourself lasts a lifetime."

“Before you throw stones you two remember you were the ones who made this all happen, your such a cold hearted knife ear that you refused to believe in anything that was warm to you and you” she said looking at higran and pulled out the dirty and crumpled contracts of the woman she had given her “it’s one thing not to trust me but another to do this to innocent woman, you could have easily found out if they were fake or not yet you chose to just throw them away” she said throwing them on the ground “I won’t bring her back here because she will get more hurt around you two then out there on her own” she said

"I never knew anyone like her actually care," said Turon. "Nor have I experienced anything like this to know if it is real or illusion."

"And the ones I threw away were ones that are known for being two-faced, back-stabbing bitches," he said, pulling out some papers. "I kept ones I have not heard about or know they can be trusted."

“Most can describe me as two faced and backstabbing but I have been forced to be that way, you don’t know what these girls might have needed to do to try and survive “ she said and then looked and turon “and that is no excuse, there were many things you could have done to find out, but you chose to be cold and judgmental “ she said crossing her arms “the better away from us she is the better”

"I plan on changing that," said Turon. "It won't be a quick change. I have been this way all my life. But I will start by going after her."

He grabbed the reins to his horse, climbed up, and ran after her. Higran took the papers from her.

"I know I judge people from what I have heard," he said. "I can't hire them all. Some already work for other people and are trying to get close to me to take me out. I have put caution over the call to help these people who need me. I can't promise anything, but I'll have some of my people look into them."

“Whatever goat beard” she said and turned and started to unpack again “he won’t find her, he is just wasting his time and it’s getting dark so I need to set up camp” she said and picked up a blog and walked away

Higran walked after her and threw another mud ball at her, saying, "That the best you got, Buttercup?"

She turned “what the hell is your problem! Just leave me alone!”

He threw another one at her and said, "Talking like some noble. You going soft on me?"

She threw down the box she was holding and got into his face “I wouldn’t push me right now if I were you” she said with a glare

He patted her face, adding to the mud on her, as he said, "The little girl afraid she can't take me? Perhaps you should put the crossbow up and become a housewife."

She hit him hard across the face making him stumble back, his eyes burning and his ears ringing “that’s a warning”

"My grandma could hit better," he said. "And she died before I was born."

She kicked mud on him repeatedly while saying “then join her in her muddy grave you weak minded rock licker!”

He blocked it with his arm and said, "This is why women can't fight. Too emotional."

“And this is why men die alone because they feel as cold as stone!” She said as she stopped kicking “why are you doing this? What cause do you have to be so nasty as to kick me while I’m already down you Shem kisser”

"You needed to let off steam," he said. "I knew if I goaded you, you would fight back." He looked at them both and laughed. "It looks like we played with an army of nugs."

She frowned “I could have killed a dwarf you know are tempers rule us” she said crossing her arms

"No more than any other creature," he said. "We tend to have it pointed out more, though." He wiped some mud from her face. "But you feel better, right?"

She glared at him “ insulted me and threw mud at me and these are the only clean clothes I had left” she said just as a thunder clap echoed the sky no rain began to fall “and now we will have no fire tonight...great”

"Turon and Liliana should have been back by now," said Higran.

“I bet he is still looking for her, she is hard to find when she puts her mind to it” she said taking off her clothes and hanging them on the wagon so the rain would clean them. She also took out the rain buckets to catch the rain for their supplies. Now only the moon and the pattern on the cart gave light.

Higran did the same with his clothing and opened the back of the wagon, saying, "The roof looks like it can keep out the rain. If you have some Deep Mushrooms, we can use them for light."

“Check the black bag, there should be a few” she said trying to set up their clothes in a way she could use it to make a canopy so they could have a fire

Liliana lost track of how long it had been, she only slowed when she felt the horse needed to rest but she knew she was far away from the, now. The sun was setting and she could see lights shining behind a wooded hill and knew a town was on the other side, what town she didn’t know because she didn’t know where they had stopped or how long she had been asleep. She stand in the forest on the left side of the road, not trusting to travel in the open. She tried to close off what she was feeling but she could, So much had happened to her in just a few days, she truly couldn’t believe it all had happened, she lost nugget, and she felt like she lost a part of herself to a man she didn’t even know. She decided before she got to close to town she would allow the horse to drink from the stream that she saw in front of them. She got off the horse and tied it too the tree by the stream so it could drink. She then sat down and looked into the water

Behind her was Turon, blue flames dancing along his skin and from his eyes.

"You are the one he called me for?" his voice echoed. "To search for you? Pitiful. He couldn't track down a woman."

“If you find it so pitiful why don’t you go back where you came from and leave me be, there is not justice here for you” she said in a low tone not moving

"There is for you," he said.

“My time for justice went away a long time ago” she said standing up and facing him “are you not tired spirit? There will always be someone who feels they need justice, it will never end, wouldn’t you rather rest?” She asked in a sad tone

"If it is a good cause, I will not rest," he said. "Besides, Turon and I are one, just as you and Benevolence are one. I cannot leave. But you, you are special to Turon. He doesn't understand it yet, but you are."

“Stop....” she said “he and I are strangers, even you thought I’ll of me, leave me be, you are unwelcomed by me” she said and turned away and started to unhook her horse.

"Benevolence would not choose someone that could harm another," he said. "I never thought ill of you as Turon did. He is not good at listening." He put a hand on the horse. "He does not trust me either. You will do him good."

“I want no part....”her eyes started flashing green “I want no...l again they flashed “stop!” She yelled and her eyes became fully green “we are not dishonest and we do not willing hurt others” she said in not her voice but a echoed of it. Her eyes went back to normal and she stumbled but caught herself on the tree “please leave.....I can bare no more of this”

"Do you think running away will ease the pain?" asked Justice. "You were not the only one hurt, Liliana? Nugget is too. She didn't mean to drive you away, any spirit can sense that. She and Higran were trying to help you and Turon."

“What is wrong with everyone! We have barely know each other for a week i am not a Shem or a dwarf I don’t just fall for every man I see or bed them!” She said “there is no such thing as quick love, it takes time and commitment, pleasure and pain, none of that has happened, the only thing I have experienced since grouping up with them is fear” her eyes flashed green “fine fear and other things but it doesn’t matter!” She said and pushed him “leave me, go away!” She said pushing him again

He took her hand and said, "And the time Higran caught the two of you? That was not just for stress relief. That was passion, raw and primal. But there is no mistake as to why it is happening. Two souls, connected with spirits, finding each other? It has not happened since the time of Andraste."

She tried to get her hand back but his grip tightened “let go” she said in a struggling tone, the spirit in turon felt the touch of the spirit in liliana, it was warm and calm, like the feeling of peace when justice has been triumphant

"Peaceful," he said. "Calm. This is what Turon needs, why he is trying to reclaim the Dales. Justice for the elves, that called to me. But in the end, it is peace and calm that he wants." He pulled her into him. "You are what he needs, Liliana. He sees the world with such coldness, and this will turn me into vengeance. When the Templar hurt you, I nearly turned then. If he loses his heart, I will lose who I am."

She frowned “what about what I need?” She said with tears in her eyes “am I to truly give everything I am and more to everyone else for the rest of my life without feeling peace myself?” She asked “it’s always someone else....” she said “once he gets his justice he will leave, they all do...” she said “my kindness and selflessness has been taken advantage of so much I feel my change as well...I fear what my spirit will turn into...the opposite of me is malevolence, I would rather die then let it happen”

"Which is why you need him," he said. "He will find peace in you while giving you peace in return. He would keep you from being used by others. He does not leave those he cares for, or Higran would not be traveling with you right now."

“I am at my wits end....please let me go or” a branch snapping made her jump, she turned her head to see only a little rabbit hopping away “I need to go...I can’t stay here” she said once more trying to get him to let go. Justice could feel her fear, she felt something was coming and she grew more scared about being alone with him

"We need to go back to the others," he said. "There is safety in numbers. And Liliana, you need safety. Being alone will only draw them in more."

She realized she was now talking to turon. Thunder clamped and rain began to fall “please let me go...go back without me and leave me be or.....”

"I don't care," he said. "I'm not leaving you here." The rain made him look even more handsome than before. "I'd rather be here with you, knowing I can protect you, then safe at camp wondering if you were in trouble, in need, or dead. I cannot leave you."

She frowned “ barely know me..if it is because I give you comfort fine then be honest about that, if you wish to hire me to aid you ok, but don’t sit there and claim it’s because you have feelings for me when I know it not....”

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