Coming together to fight tomorrow

Nugget elbowed him “what makes you think I would lie like that” she said in a teasing tone “you aren’t mine”

"I could be," he said which got him a confused look

“Now is not the time for your teasing” she said after a moment “besides you can’t handle a woman like me, I’d ruin ya” she said with a teasing tone

"Well, way to take the fun out of it," he said, chuckling.

She stopped smiling “ weren’t serious were you?” She asked in a more serious tone

"You'll never know now," he said, bumping her playfully.

She looked at him suspiciously for a moment and then shrugged “probably for the best, I don’t think I would have any money left with your cake addiction “ she said with a chuckle

"That stays between us," he hissed, as if Turon would walk out and hear her.

She laughed “my lips will remain sealed if you give me half of each bundle you get” she said with a mischievous smile

"Now you're just playing dirty," he said with a chuckle.

“Always” she said with a chuckle and got up and started to clean again “look don’t tell your friend ok, it’s better if he thinks Ill of me”

"Why?" asked Higran. "I know Turon can be cold, but trust me, you don't want icy."

“It’s just better that way, he needs to remain more protective of liliana, if he thinks I will hurt her he will be on his guard all the time” she said

"And you think he won't be if he likes you?" Higran laughed. "Woman, Turon is always on guard. That's why he's cold."

She shook her head “he needs to feel he is the only one that can protect her, because it’s true”

"What do you mean?" Higran asked.

“Let’s just get to the temple...” she said changing the subject and started packing up the cart “go get them”

"Not until you tell me what you mean," he said.

She closed the cart and sighed “what do you know of the drago clan?” She asked

"Not much," he said. "Only that all the Dalish believe them to be dead."

“There is a legend that the first drago elf was a dalish woman that was brought back to life by a dragon. The child in her stomach became the first drago elf” she said in a distant tone “though the scroll it was on was burnt so I couldn’t read the rest but” she said looking at him “I did learn something by what the man that took liliana for me, the night he went to retrieve her, her master was using magic on her, torturing her saying something about a bond” she said “the man told me that liliana said she couldn’t bond with him, when I asked her about it all she told me was that his soul wasn’t compatible but she couldn’t tell me any more then that other then her marks of her clan would show when she does bond with someone, now that her marks are there and on your friend I assume that what happened” she said with a shrug

"I see," said Higran. "Fine. Have whatever kind of relationship with him you want, but when this is all over, you need to tell him."

“If the temple holds more information hopefully all out questions will be answered” she said in a tense tone

"Alright," he said, "I'll go get them. You better be here when I get back, otherwise, I'm hunting you."

“Better have tried” she said with a wink.

"I have," he said. "But not because of your reputation." He pulled her to him. "To help hide you. A merc friend said you saved him once, and knew that you only kill those deserving. So, you're stuck with me, Buttercup."

She glared at him “don’t paint me as a good guy Higran it will hurt more if you do” she said

"Oh, you aren't a good guy," he said. "I believe the bit between your legs says your a woman. A good gal, maybe, but I haven't seen her." He smiled. "I have seen the bad girl you are." He pinned her to the side of the wagon. "I like her."

She smirked “you have only seen what I wish to show you, if your not careful you might see a side of me you don’t like” she said in a mischievous tone

"I'll risk it," he said, pulling out a rope. "I believe it's your turn."

She shook her head "we do not have time for this, we must go, it's not safe to stay here" she said in a serious tone "besides I was drunk, you got the better of me, I'm sober now goat beard, you won't be able to seduce me"

"I didn't need you drunk the first time," he said.

"Ah but see that was the adrenaline fighting to turn on don't you know best aphrodisiac for a dwarf there is" she said with a smile

"You also still have my love bite from last night on you," he said.

"As do you...what's your point?" She said in a more husky tone

"Isn't that a claim?" he said, getting closer. "I heard that love bites mean you can't get enough of the other person."

"If you fancy me goat beard all you have to do is say so" she said in a seductive tone in his ear

"The question is, do you fancy me if I fancy you?" he said. "I'm a man who gives only if he gets the same in return."

"Then I guess we are at a stand still" she said in a challenging tone

"Then, we should test it while sober and without the adrenaline high," he said.

She looked at him with a serious Express "I don't think that will be a good idea...we need to leave" he could have sworn she looked nervous

"Okay," he said, taking her seriously. "Let's get everything packed up."

She nodded and they went to work
Turon found liliana not far picking some wild flowers

"There you are," he said. "I was worried."

“There is nothing to worry about I’m fine” she said continuing to pick the herbs “you already knew I was a slave just didn’t know my owner was nugget, nothing has changed...well accept now I’m yours”

"You are not my slave," he said. "You are my lover."

She stopped picking a froze for a moment and then slowly stood up “ok” she said in a soft tone “I hope I can satisfy you then” she said running her hands up his chest slowly

"You do," he said. "But if you do not feel like making love, then say so. You aren't a slave and no one owns you. Just be you. You don't have to be afraid to speak your mind or say no to someone."

Her hands stopped at his shoulders “I’m new to this, I don’t know how to “ she looked down with a shy look “to please a man” she said “even if I wanted to I wouldn’t know how to start or if I was doing it right..” she said in a shy tone “I’m afraid my lack of experience might not bring you joy”

"I don't know if what I do will please you," he said. "If we ever feel uncomfortable, we should tell the other. Okay?"

She looked up at him “I have nothing to compare it too...but” she said with her cheeks turning pink “I can still feel it....your touch” she said closing her eyes “the memories invade my mind even when I don’t wish them too” she said opening her eyes “that means it was good right?” She asked with a innocent look

"Yes," he said. "And I'll admit, I'll never be able to look at a barn without think of it."

She smiled and looked down shyly and went to move away from him.

"What is it?" he asked, taking her hand.

She looked at the hand that had grabbed her “it’s nothing I just need to properly prepare these flowers and your a distraction “ she said

He laughed and said, "And where should I go? If I go back to the wagon, I don't know if Nugget will survive. She knows exactly what buttons to push."

“Regardless of our situation, being with nugget was better then....” she trailed off and he saw her shiver “I’ve had happier days with nugget, she never asked much of me and never hurt me so I was happy to have a owner like her” she said with a shrug “I accepted my fate as a slave long ago” she said “it doesn’t mean it’s the live I want but I have my reasons” she said “but you changed things “ she said picking the flowers again

"I hope for the better," he said. "I also hope that, one day, you will feel comfortable enough to tell me, and I hope that I will have the calm to listen so I don't frighten you."

“It shouldn’t be a problem now that justice is gone” she said as she continued to pick the flowers

"I still have a temper," he said. "I just won't spout blue flames. Higran told me what I looked like since I would have no memory. The day you compared me to a shemlan, that was my anger, not Justice."

She looked at him “your not upset he is gone...wait, when did you know?” She asked

"When Nugget called me a human," he said. "Justice would try to hold me back, but there was nothing there from him."

She stood up “and...your ok with this?” She asked in a nervous tone

"It means that I no longer need him to achieve my goal," he said. "He and I bonded when I was young. Shems captured many of my people to take to Tevinter. It was another clan that saved us. It was that day that he came to me. The Dales were our home and the shems there wanted us gone. I wanted justice for our stolen home, where elves used to roam freely. Now, I have you. The goal is the same, just the method has changed. Before, I was practically a dictator and tyrant. Now, I am a man who wants a home where his wife can feel safe, where all elves are safe. You gave me a better goal, Liliana."

She looked sad for a moment but then smiled “and I vow to make sure when the day comes that I will do all I can to make sure you and your wife live happily, I’m also good with children so I care for them if you two will need it or me, I can tend garden as well “ she said placing the flowers in her basket.

"I'm not married," he said, "and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was. You are the first person I would even consider marrying, Liliana." He cupped her cheek. "I have turned down every proposal offered me because the women only wanted me for the position I held or my duty. You didn't care about either, you saw me."

She leaned into his had “such sweet words from someone who is distraction “ she said in a joking tone

"I like that I can distract you," he said before kissing her. Instantly he was filled with a intense feeling and it got stronger the moment she softly moaned against his lips. He moved her until her back pressed against a tree tramping her against him, it dawned on him the only thing she was wearing was his robe and that was staying up by one clasp

"You know how to distract me too," he said, his finger under the clasp. "I like that as well." With one motion, the robe fell to the ground and his breathing became heavy. "I want you again, Liliana."

Her ears turned red as she blushed, her breathing was uneven “I’m yours to take” she said resting her hands on his waist and then pulled his tucked in shirt out so her hands could touch his skin on his waist

"As I am yours," he said, kissing her hard. It didn't take long until right there underneath the tree once more they came together, both of them experience something mother of them could describe. Liliana was once more honest in her pleasure, she did not hide what she was feeling, the honest she showed when their bodies came together have turon more comfort then he thought possible. With all the lies and dangers he dealt with on a daily basis this was a treasure to him "turon..." She whispered his name, it was just a word, just a name, but the way she said it, it was much more

He held her to him, his breath playing with her hair as his tongue explored her sensitive ear. The feel of her gripping his back, the trust she placed in him, it was humbling and addicting.

She buried her face in his neck like she was hiding from world and he was her comfort "turon.... something is building in my stomach" she moaned "I feel the same," he gasped. "Liliana..."

She trembled and cried out when her body exploded in a sensation that was foreign to her.

He held her as they both came down from their lovemaking. He kissed her tenderly. He was gentle with her, letting her enjoy the moment. He planned on giving her many more enjoyable moments like this one. When she smiled at him, he whispered to her what it meant, what it was, so that she knew that, when she felt such pleasure again, what that would signify to them both.

He saw her ears turn red "I...did that for you? I thought only a wife could do that..." She said in such a innocent tone it made his heart melt.

"If a man cares for a woman, they do not need to be married to each other," he said. "But yes, you do that for me and more."

When he started to move back she gripped his back to stop him "wait....please...I'm... sensitive" she said in a embarrassed tone

"If I don't," he said, "we could be found like this. Besides, we need clean clothes on. Ours are rather dirty now."

She nodded slowly and bit her lip as he pulled away from her. She curled up on her side for and moment "I..." She sat up with a worried look "I seemed have..made a mess...I don't understand" she said looking between her legs "is something wrong with me?"

"No," he said, helping her stand. "That is natural. It is your body's reaction when we make love. It helps you feel good and protect you at the same time."

She nodded "I'm sorry if my lack of knowledge is a troublesome" she said in a low tone

"It's no trouble," said Turon. "Now, we should go. They will need help with loading everything and we need to change. Higran is terrible at packing."

"Can you bring me clothes? I wish to bath in the spring first" she said

"I'm not leaving you alone in the woods," he said. "I'll stand guard while you bathe."

"I'll be ok you will know if I'm on trouble" she said

He didn't like the idea of her alone, but he had no real reason to deny her request and said, "Okay, but you have to let us know if anything happens. And no matter what, fight to come back to me."

She nodded " you're I'll know of I am in need and I you" she said walking toward the small pond that was near.

Once back at the cart turon saw it was ready to go, nugget was hanging up the clean clothes and Higran was tending to the horses "where is liliana?" Asked nugget

"Not that it's any of your business," he said, "but she is bathing." He went into the wagon. "I'm just getting our clean clothes and taking them back to her."

"It's my business until you pay me for her" she said in a serious tone "all your doing is renting "

"I freed her," he said. "She no longer belongs to you."

She looked at him with a serious expression "you wouldn't have her if it wasn't for me"

"If you had any decency, you would have burnt the papers saying she was an object and been a real friend," he said. "This is why rogues can't be trusted, especially dwarven rogues."

"Okay, now I'm offended," said Higran.

"You are a warrior with honor, Higran," said Turon.

"Dwarven honor." Higran replied

"You know what I mean." Said turon

"No, I don't." Said higran

"Every dwarven rogue we have met has been part of the carta. Not exactly trustworthy." Said turon

"Not all dwarven rogues are bastards." Replied higran

"She is." Said turon coldly

Nugget chuckled " your right I am which means if you don't pay me for someone else will" she said in a threatening tone

Turon said, "I doubt that. You won't be traveling with us after the temple. Liliana goes with me. You can jump off the nearest cliff."

"Don't forget she has a really nice price on her head" she said with a smile

"Really?" he said. "Because I thought it was for a woman who only had vallisline under her eyes, not her entire body. Am I thinking of a different woman? Because the woman I travel with doesn't resemble her at all."

She smiled "good effort but you forget the people after her know her well, they will know you two bonded all it means is while I am getting paid both of you will be hunted"

"Not if they wish to live," he said, disappearing into the trees.

"Well, you made it official," said Higran. "He thinks a little less of dwarves."

Nugget sighed "good" she said and finished packing up the rest of the clothes.

"I'm a dwarf and his friend, Buttercup!" he said. "Couldn't you have made him hate something else?"

"He doesn't hate you" she said in a low tone

"You do know that Liliana will tell him what happened, right?" he said. "Trust me, the truth always comes out."

"She doesn't know the truth" she said with a shrug

"She knows you are a friend or she wouldn't have been hurt by our farce," he pointed out. "That is all the truth she needs."

She didn't answer she just got on the cart and waited

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