Nugget sighed “I’m worried it’s not that simple...from what I could find about her clan those markings are something big” she said looking at him “I think this is very serious” she said and he could see she meant it

"Then, will you explain it to me?" Higran said.

“I don’t know it’s hard if not impossible to find information on her clan all I know is they have strong ties to dragons and don’t mate out of their clan” she said in a frustrated tone

"Probably because it causes the other to take on parts of the other's personality," said Higran. "I've noticed it too. She is acting more like Skippy since getting those marks."

“That’s what I’m afraid of....lil is a soft person not a angry one” she said

"Then, do you know what to do?" he asked. "Because it seems she reacts to his desires, so... if he wants the soft Liliana, maybe she will be herself. Turon doesn't want imitations around him. You have nothing to worry about."

“I just wished we knew more about her clan, that’s why this temple is so important m it’s the last know temple of her clan” she said in a stressed tone

"I see," said Higran. "Skippy never mentioned why he wanted the old elven temples beyond helping his people. Perhaps it isn't for a way to recapture the Dales, but a connection to his family."

"His family?" She asked

"When we first met, I didn't trust him," Higran admitted. "So, I looked through his things. His great-grandmother and great-grandfather were not originally from the Mytherial clan. When he opened up to me about it, he said that he hoped his roots are in the old elven ruins and not a human city. If it turns out that his family line was part of the Drago clan, he would use that claim to rally the elves. He would never use Liliana for her clan name, but he would make her a symbol of hope on par with Mythal."

"Wait...if he is apart of that clan would that mean...." She began

"Mean what?" Higran said. "Skippy is looking for a symbol for the elves to follow. Person or artifact, it doesn't matter. But when he opens up, he doesn't lie about his feelings. So, what would it mean if he is a descendant of the Dragos with weak blood?"

"But wouldn't that make him related to her?" She asked

Higran laughed and said, "Not at all. You see, the only reason why a couple would leave a clan is either they had been kicked out for various reasons or they originally were city elves. If Skippy did have family from the Drago clan, they would have left the clan for the human cities hundreds of years before moving to the Mytherial clan. His great-grandparents didn't have the blood tattoos, you see. But this temple, the one he believes it is, is supposed to have family lines in a library. If he can make himself the symbol of hope to the elven people, it will solidify his cause."

Nugget sighed in relief "well I don't know much about eleven folk!" She said embarrassed

"Well, he had to explain the whole thing to me," Higran admitted. "If he comes to care for you as Red does, he will tell you the story of his family. Act like you don't know it. He used his staff on me like a club and let me tell you, for thin-looking sticks, they are strong and heavy!"

She chuckled and nudged him "well you should sleep I'll take first watch"

"Like hell," he said. "Darkspawn are not something I want to fight in a half-asleep state."

She groaned "sleep daft man"

"No way!" he said, smiling. "Just imagine me waking up and fighting in my small clothes. Not a sight I like envisioning."

She rolled her eyes "higran sleep...." She said in a serious tone "I will need you rested " she said looking around in a defense way "I don't think we are alone...I think we are being watched"

"Then I'm really not going to sleep," he said, picking up his ax.

"Relax," said Turon. "We have returned. And it's a bird. Specifically, an owl and it's looking for food."

"Where is liliana?" Nugget asked

"Nearby," he said. "I plan on going back to here in a moment. And you aren't going to convince Higran to fall asleep now. You have him wired. He's ready for battle."

Nugget groaned "you left here alone? I'm starting to think you are not too...." She stopped at looked concerned "wait....did you say a owl?" She asked

"Yes," he said. "A snowy white barn owl, to be technical."

Nugget paled "trevintor..." She said and grabbed turoned shirt "where!"

"This does not mean that Tevintor slavers have found us," he pointed out even as he indicated the owl to the south, farthest from Liliana. "We have owls here in Fereldan too."

"No where is liliana..." She said just as liliana's screams echoed in the night. Nugget bolted towards the sound. When they all got there she was gone and turons tent was trashed "lil! Lil! " Nugget screamed her name in a panick "lil give me a sign where are you!" She said looking around

Turon looked around, panic setting into him. Unconsciously, he started to head northeast.

"Skippy, where are you going?" Higran asked.

"To get my wife back," he said, grabbing a horse and riding off.
Liliana let go of his hand when they reached the tent area with everyone’s tent set up “I’m sorry...I am not usually so angry like that..” she said not looking at him

"Perhaps you can no longer hold it in," Turon said. "If you are stressed, some things that don't normally set you off can trigger an episode. I do not mind."

“I....I use to be be in situations were I had to hold my tongue “ she said “before Nugget found me I was...” she shivered “I’m just use to being under someone’s foot..”

"But you shouldn't have to keep your feelings to yourself," said Turon. "I've noticed you haven't held anything in since we became a couple. I must say, I like you being honest like this. I love who you are, Liliana. If you are doing this to make me happy, though, even subconsciously, it won't last. We won't last. Be true to yourself. You are quiet, but fiery." He kissed her cheek. "Kind, but not Naïve." He kissed her other cheek. "And you look good with this heated blush that I can't help myself. Here, in this clearing, I need you again."

She tensed at his words, she was caught of guard how quickly her body reacted to his needs. She turned in his arms and kissed him, gripping his shirt tightly

"Be yourself," he said against her lips "That Liliana stole my heart the day I met her." He pulled her shirt down to expose her breasts. "I tried to fight it, but you pushed past every barrier. You are amazing."

She moaned softly and he saw her shyness that she wore to the point it was erotic “Turon...” she said his name in a soft whisper as her dress fell to her feet. She covered herself shyly but it didn’t matter, he had a full view of her moonlight feminine body

"Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe you," he said, cupping her cheek. "When you are yourself, I find myself unable to concentrate on much else. You take my breath away, Liliana." He laid her on the soft grass. "It is in your shy, quiet nature, I find you most tempting. You are always this way when we are alone, but near Nugget..."

She tensed "please.....don't talk about such things...I can't think right when you look at me like that" she said softly buried her face in the side of his neck and he felt her kiss his skin

"Liliana... my hope..." he gasped.

She sighed against his skin and her hands gripped his back softly "turon...." She said his name with such emotions he shivered

"I love you, Liliana," he said, his body laying over her. "All of you."

She tensed and looked at him with sad eyes " don't know all of me...what if you won't like me if you know..." She said and he could see the fear in her eyes, that fear told him how much a pure hearted woman she was

"Because of this, right here," he said, his hand on her heart. "You care and are kind to everyone. What is there not to love about you?"

She met his eyes, her green eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight "I'm scared" she said in a soft tone "it's all new and our connection has grown so strong so quickly......" She said "turon.....I think I'm in love with you too..."

He kissed her tenderly before saying, "Whatever this is, these markings and our fast connection, we make our own way in this world. We will build our relationship up our way. This is us, creating our own place, Liliana."

She nodded and relaxed against him. Slowly she unbottoned his shirt and slid it from his body, her hands were gentle yet he felt the passion behind them. They way she eyed his naked chest made him feel wanted and good

He kissed her deeply as the stars sparkled overhead. It wasn't long until their bodies became one. The gentleness didn't last long after turon lost his ability to hold back because of the noises liliana was making. He was still loving but he let himself get lost in the pleasure she provided. And provide she did, she was heaven, he had been with others before but this was different "turon" she moaned his name as he lifted her into his lap, his arms held her close and brought her body close against his. She wrapped her arms around him and they both reached heaven at the same time. All he saw where to stars and her flaming hair as he held her there as they both soared

It felt like hours that they laid there, staring at each other, but both knew they needed to head back to camp.

Liliana fell asleep against him so turon picked her up and carried her to his tent and laid down next to her. In her sleep she wrapped her arm around his waist and put her head on his chest. Just as he was about to sleep he heard the conversation about someone watching the camp and with a curse he left Liliana side.

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