Liliana was still in shock. She shook violently as her old master rode his horse fast with her between his legs. The Magisters grip was tight on her. She knew he would bring her to whatever small camp he had, he only traveled with a few men but those men were the best of the best, no matter assassin or warrior or rogue. If he reached that camp with her there would be no escape. She placed her hands on the horse and focused. The horse reared up and panicked. The both fell off the horse as it ran away from them. Instantly her old master was on her

"You think that will free you when I do not wish it?!" he yelled, using his magic to grab hold of her. "You belong to me! You gave yourself to me! You will bond with me! Is that understood!"

"Your too late...." She said in a strained tone trying to breath "I have already bonded..." She gasped

"So, which of these Fereldan doglords did you sell yourself to?" he asked, hitting her with lightning to hurt but not kill her. "I will tear him to shreds with my powers."

"Your powers are weakened...that's the only reason you would have come here for me..." She said shaking in pain "your mark is no longer on me...you can't...control me"

"Really?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as he pulled out a knife. "I think I can."

She backed away from him "no....I won't let you..." She said know of her killed her it will effect turon " I don't care about my life...but his...he is to important to many people.." she said standing up on shaken legs "get away from me...I'm warning you"

He cut his wrist and used the power from his own blood to start building a spell to entrap her once more "You will be mine," he said.

Blood magic. Liliana went pale "no!" She said tackled him before he could finish it. She felt a sharp weird pain in her stomach but didn't pay attention to it. She was fighting him with all her might to keep him from finishing the spell

"Get off me, woman!" he yelled, power throwing her from him.

She slammed hard against a tree. Her vision blurred and she landed on her side. It was then she noticed his dagger sticking deep in her stomach. Panic shot through her, she couldn't die. So she did the only things she could think of "master...I'm hurt" she said in the same tone she had spoken to him in the past like

"Then come to your master," he said, his eyes starting to change color.

"Liliana!" Turon yelled, his staff in the air.

Following behind him were Higran and Nugget. Turon used the roots of the trees to trap the Tevinter Magister and to keep him from casting. Beyond that, he ran to Liliana's side.

"We need to get you back to the wagon," he said, his voice full of fear. "You'll be fine. We can heal you."

Liliana could hear nugget killing her old master and informing Higran that he would not be traveling alone. But liliana couldn’t see anything and when she tried to look turon blocked her view and told her to focus on him, everything was hazy “I’m sorry.....I should have done better” she said in a weak tone as she groaned in pain and held her stomach near the dagger

"It's not your fault," he said. "I shouldn't have left you alone. I should have stayed with you. I should have..." He held her to him. "We just found each other. You can't leave me now."

She shook her head softly “it’s not your fault...and I can’t die...I can’t, your too important “ she said going limp in his arms “I’m so cold...” she said looking up at the stars

"Stay awake," he said. "Nugget, she needs the healing potion!" Higran put his hand on Turon's shoulder. "She can't leave me."

"Skippy, you are not calm," Higran said. "You look and sound it, but as your oldest friend, I can tell. You have healing spells. Use them so we can get her back to our camp."

Turon knew Higran was right, but everything in him was so chaotic. He mustered up a light healing spell and removed the knife, healing the wound as he did. It didn't fix the real issue, but the dwarf was right. She could now be moved from the battlefield to their camp without dying.

Liliana was pale and cold to the touch as he picked her up "hey turon....do you think the stars watch us back?" She asked

He picked her up and began to carry her to his horse as he said, "If they do, I don't think I could look at the stars ever again."

"Why..." She asked in a low tone as her eyes started to flutter

He whispered in her ear, "Because we made love under the stars, vinan."

He saw the tips of her ears turn pink "turon....your a very naughty elven man" she said

"You bring out the wonton side of me," he chuckled as he sat her on the horse in front of him. "Can't say I don't like it. When you are healed, I'm never letting you out of my sight again. Never again will this happen."

She groaned in pain “things happen...turon...it’s no ones fault “ she said “I won’t be able to stay by your side all.....”

"I said I won't let you out of my sight," he said. "If I can't see you, I'll worry. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again."

"Calm down, Skippy," Higran said. "She's not a toddler to be monitored twenty four seven”

When the horse started to move liliana groaned again in pain “wait please...” she said trying to adjust herself so she could feel less pain as they rode. She found no position would help. With a sigh she leaned into turon “ok...let’s go” she said in a small voice

"I will keep the ride as gentle as possible," he said. "But we need to hurry."

She nodded. He could tell she was trying to hide how much pain she was actually in. He felt her shaking against him. Her dress was still covered in her blood and he couldn’t help but notice how much there actually was

It took a great deal of time to get to the camp. Once there, he carried her into the wagon and put her in a hammock. If there were bumps in the road, it wouldn't hurt her while the potion took effect. He grabbed it and handed it to her.

She didn’t look at him when she took it from him, he could tell she was avoiding his gaze “thank you....you should go rest”

"What's wrong?" he asked. "You look like you are ashamed of something. Whatever it is..."

“Please...” she said in a whispered tone interrupting him “please give me a moment alone” she said and he saw a tear fall in her lap

"I'll be outside if you need me," he said in an unsure tone.

It took him some time to leave the wagon, not wanting to leave her side. But he eventually closed the door. Nugget took him to the fire side to sit. Higran sat next to Turon while Nugget guarded the wagon.

Higran could tell she was paranoid and deeply upset. Finally Nugget broke the silence “damn it lil say something! I don’t care if your screaming just let us know your ok” she said hitting the side of the cart

"Sometimes, letting the hurt out only brings more pain," said Turon.

“Oh and what would you know of her pain huh? I looked into you , you have never been a slave before and you have never been too...” nugget began until liliana cut her off from yelling in the cart “nugget!” She yelled “are you going to keep going and tell them things that are not yours to tell” she said in a angry tone “well someone has to, after we met these fools things have change! “ she said in a angry tone back “your not acting like yourself, have been attack many times, to the point I think they were the cause of it!” She said glaring at them “so home much did they pay you huh?” She said to them both

"We were not part of this!" Turon yelled. "Why would I trap for you to kill if I was hired by him?! That makes no sense! And just because I don't know her pain doesn't mean I haven't had my own brand of it! I may not have been a slave, but I have been hurt and dragged through the mud and more! I know that when I cried out or when I showed someone even a little emotion beyond anger and disdain, it made everything worse! So yes, I don't know Liliana's pain but I know why she needed to be alone and remain quiet!"

“The only way they could find her was your two! I got her a amulet to protect her from blood magic so they wouldn’t be able to track Herron control her again!” She yelled “and I find it funny that ever since she ran off that every time we have been attack that you seem to go unnoticed and unharmed!” She said and the cart door open and slammed shut. Liliana still held her side. Her clothes still stained from her blood and she looked pale. Sweat covered her forehead “Turon....your right inner pocket” she said in a upset tone “check it please”

Turon reached into his robe and pulled out an amulet. He was genuinely confused by the item. He had never seen its like nor understood how it got on his person. Then, realization.

"Liliana, why would you put this here?" he asked. "I can take care of myself. I won't fall to blood magic." He went to give it back to her. "You should keep this, if what Nugget said is true."

She stepped away from him and shook her head “why I gave it too you is for your ears only” she said looking at nugget “if anyone is to blame for the attacks it’s me, are you satisfied?” She asked and nugget glared but Higran could tell she was actually hurt “why would you give a stranger the amulet I worked so hard to get for you?” She asked in a angry tone to hide her pain “I owe you no explanation and after the temple we will part ways” Liliana said coldly. So cold it caught everyone off guard. Higran saw nugget take a step back “well then if that’s the case I won’t bother going, ain’t no profit in a dusty old ruin “ she said crossing her arms “glad to be rid of ya” she said and turned away and walked towards the area their tents were at and started to pack up. Liliana leaned against the cart before turning back and going back inside of it

"You women are so stubborn!" Turon said. "Worse than men right now, and trust me, I know!" He looked at Liliana. "You know you would never forgive yourself if you let it end like this." He looked at Nugget. "Same for you. You both have been together for I don't know how long and developed a friendship. Now, stop acting like children and calm down."

"I'm going to collect water!" Higran said, grabbing the water bottles and running from the area.

A second later turon understood why Higran ran away. Both woman started talking at once “how dare you..” Nugget yelled “you don’t understand “ Liliana said “I’m stubborn! What about you knife ear! Going after a woman who did not want you after you treated her like garbage “ nugget continued “I can’t do this right now...” liliana said in a tired tone “you wouldn’t understand “ she added as Nugget was still yelling about how she would kick turons butt in various ways

"Okay, poor choice of words," he said, relenting. "But this rift between the two of you shouldn't be here." He looked at the dwarf. "I told her why I said the things I did and she forgave me. That should be all that matters, that she is no longer upset by it." He looked at his wife. "She is scared for you. Higran gets the same way, acting like he never cared when he actually cares a lot. If you two just talked it out and explained your side, maybe you could go back to being friends."

“No” they both said at the same time. And nugget went back to packing and Liliana sat down in the cart “the necklace...please keep it” she said to turon in a soft tone not looking at him

"Not unless you two talk," he said. "I will not have you hurting over this, Liliana. Your heart aches over this situation. You want to keep her with you but you feel hurt by things she revealed and have said. I feel your pain, Liliana. These markings have made it so I feel it."

"Skippy, you usually stay out of these things and seem to... care more," said Higran, returning.

"Liliana's influence," said Turon. "I want her happy, and will do what I must to make it so."

“It’s better this way” liliana said as Nugget packed her belongs in her horse “besides the healing potion won’t work with this wound I need to rest now” she said going to shut the cart doors

Turon looked at Higran a moment then went after his wife. He helped her back into the hammock. He lifted her shirt and began to clean the wounds.

He said, "The blade must have something on it to keep it from closing. We may have clean it, going in deep." He looked at her. "I know you are hurting, vinan, and not just from the wound. As your husband, I share your burdens. I will not leave you to carry them alone."

She was silent “why are you being so nice...you should be angry at me”

"Why?" he asked. "I have no reason to be angry."

Higran went up to Nugget and said, "You know, this is my horse. I don't aim on selling her. We also need two horses for the cart and Turon needs his horse as well. Are you willing to carry all this stuff on your back?"

Nugget glared at him “mr fancy pants can ride on the cart and you can use his horse as the second for the cart” she said

"Nugget, don't make me throw a dirt clod at you," he said.

“Now is not the time for your games” she said in a serious tone

"Do you know how cute you look when you are mad?" he asked. "I'll miss that ass if you leave."

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