Darkness 2

Liliana looked over at him “you have every reason to be made, my past almost got you and Higran killed...he never travels alone and they will come after me, you need to leave” she said in a panicked tone “you said I was nothing but trouble and you were right...”

"No, vinan, you are not trouble," he said. "The imbeciles who think they own you are trouble. You are compassion and goodness."

She shook her head “I’m not....if it wasn’t for that amulet you could have...I brought him here “ she said in a low tone

"No, he was stupid enough to follow," said Turon. "But there is shame in your voice. I don't understand why."

She looked down as his hands carefully removed her dress so he could look at the wound more. He also saw her back and arms and legs were serverly bruised and her back had cuts on them “I...”

"If I am to be a proper husband, I need to know these things," he said, starting to clean her wounds. "If I can't ensure that you keep the only friend you have ever know in your life, what good am I to even be a leader for our people?"

“I am trying to protect her, only true blooded elves can go into the temple and even then I don’t even want you going” she said with a sigh “I’m afraid.....”

"Tell her this," Turon encouraged. "You will regret the loss of her friendship if you don't. If you tell her and she still leaves, at least you tried and it was on her. But not this way. You are the last person I want to isolate themselves like I did."

She shook her head “you don’t understand “ she said n a frustrated tone “just drop it ok” she said closing him out, he knew that look, she was distancing herself from him

"Then help me to understand," he said, taking her hand.

She sighed and still didn’t look at him “When me a nugget first met it wasn’t the best situation, she was there to kill me, hired by my masters enemy, in desperation I used blood magic to control her mind, make her think we were close friends...” she said and finally looked at him “our friendship isn’t real....” she said “I’ve only know her for a month”

"But you still care for her," said Turon. "In that time, you've come to know who she is as a person. Just explain the temple part and that you are trying to protect her. That's all she needs to hear."

“No it’s not that simple, I still don’t know who sent her and you don’t understand how dangerous she is, and I don’t care for her like you think, I can’t, it’s all fake and she was going to kill me! Why would I care for someone like that”

"Because you saw the other side of her," he said. "The real side of her."

She shook her head “she kills people for money...people she does know, I could never be friends with her9 she said with tears in her eyes “you don’t know how she looked that night....her face held no emotion....she didn’t care she was about to take a life”

"She probably looked like she was made of stone, lifeless and uncaring," he said. "She had to be frightening to see. Yet, she has a heart and it is not ice. She is a bounty hunter, a mercenary. Their job is to deliver a person, dead or alive, to a contractor. But you can't change someone that quickly with blood magic. It takes hold of something. She had to have those feelings in her for you to latch onto."
She glared “seriously? Your such a rock licker sometimes I swear. Look feel free to stay here but I’m leaving”

He suddenly had her hands tied and said, "Then, I'll kidnap you. Does that work for you?"

She grabbed his shirt with her tied hands “if you don’t untie me I swear to the mountains I will..”

He gagged her and said, "Now, now. I know the cute horse thief got caught, but there's no need to go threatening my manly bits. And yes, I know that's what you were going for when you grabbed my shirt."

She head butted him so hard he fell backwards. She then reached for her knife and was about to cut the ropes when he took the knife from her hand. It was easily done with how he had her hands.

"That wasn't nice," he said, wiping his nose. "Look, I know you don't want to really leave. I'm giving you an excuse, woman."

She glared at him and said something in a nasty tone into the gag he had in her mouth

"Language, Buttercup," he said with a chuckle. "Look, you need to cool off and think. You know Red better than anyone. Is there a reason why she would act this way that doesn't involve her clan?"

She looked at him like he was stupid , asking her a question when he still had the gag in her mouth

"Nod if there is a reason," he said with a sigh. "Then I will remove the gag so we can talk. If you want, I can make it look like I'm forcing you to talk to Red. She needs you and you need her." She nodded but still glared. Carefully, he removed the gag so she couldn't bite him and said, "Okay, tell me the reason."

“She is hiding something “ she said in a serious tone “and in my line of work unless your paid for it, you don’t stick around to find out”

"Okay then," he said. "But I hired you to lead us to the temple. I said three people, right? Well, there are three of us who need to get to the temple. If you back out, no payment, right?"

She glared again “I brought you to the temple, it’s a hour walk and less by hour, it was never said I had to bring you right to it” she said “also threats don’t work on me they only make me angry and if you think for one moment just because we knocked around the hay a few times you mean somethin to me you would be wrong”

"Your wanted posters often said 'ruthless', 'cunning', and 'she-devil'," he said. "People called you heartless, a golem. But that's not true, is it? You aren't an assassin. You are a bounty hunter, taking people to a client. You opt for dead because it's easier, right?"

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