And so they meet...

Times are changing, there is no denying that fact. However, not all changes happen on a scale as large as the Hero's or the Inquisitors. Hell, even the Champion's tale is larger than most. Those are stories for history-altering events.

No, these are the heroes lost to the shadows, that become local legends. Those legends don't always get statues or stories in a countries history books. These are heroes that time often forgets, but now, their tales come to life. For, if not for them, some legends would never have been.

It begins at the gates of Orzammar, where the original ten met up. Turon and Higran arrive, unaware they were followed by Neriel and Fenros. Fridrik was traveling from Denirim to Orlais and agreed to meet up with Higran to settle a debt. Erwin was searching for a purpose now that he was free from slavery, not knowing that someone else was after him for not legally being freed from Tevinter. And a mysterious watcher watches them all from the forest, a hidden companion that was the shadow of one little dwarf called nugget.

"Your men are late," said Turon.

"Hold your horses, Skippy," said Higran. "We just arrived ourselves. Lord Ludvic said that they would be coming by Orzammar and to meet him here. We need to stock up anyway and I could use a few dwarven girls in my business."

Turon made a sound of disgust.

Everything seemed calm and normal in the little market that they sat in. The sun was high yet the smell of rain was in the air. A dwarven girl with a large crossbow on her back and hair that shown red and gold like ember walked up " that turd who runs the brothel?" She asked

"Look, I run a business that is legal and well-founded," said Higran. "My bar in South Reach helps the warriors there. Why? You looking for a job, buttercup?"

She smiled “sure it’s 50 silver for castrations but for you it’s free of charge” she said in a sweet fake tone “and it’s not butter cup it’s nugget and I’m here on behalf of lord ludvic “ she said crossing her arms

"It's a nickname," said Higran. "And your parents had a bad sense of humor. Look, you go back to Orlais and tell Lord Ludvic that his son owes me a debt that even the Empire's treasury can't pay off. Either I cut off a hand and both legs of the spoiled brat, or said brat works off his debt. Those are the terms."

She chuckled “it’s cute you think you can give me a order,but it’s down right hilarious you think that your a threat “ she said sitting down across from them “look I could care less what happens to the surface dwellers brat but we both know you are not going to see your money so that’s why he has sent me with a different offer, lord ludvic knows you have been searching for elven artifacts, I know of a lost elven temple, well not lost anymore” she said

"I don't care about the money," he said. "I knew that he couldn't pay when he got his fifth acquaintance and eighth bottle. I saw a way to have a merc on my team who wouldn't double-cross me because if he did, it would cause his house to lose what little power they have left."

"And I am looking for elvan ruins," said Turon. "He is but a hired hand. Shall we talk? I may be able to aid you if you aid me. I'll even pay more than those that hired you."

She chuckled “I don’t think you understand,I’m double crossing the lord, he wanted me to kill ya and I wanted to meet ya” she handed the assassin freemen’s to Higran “now you have black mail for the lord, now I’ve done ya a favor now in return you and your friend here accompany me to the elven temple , I got my own knife ear but she ain’t no fighter” she said and the asked the bar wench for three ales “or...I carry out that agreement, choice is yours”

"Never thought I'd have a lord in my pocket," said Higran. "This will come in handy"

"The better question is, why would this lord want to kill me?" said Turon. "The Ludvic holdings are in Northern Orlais. The target of my interest is in Southern Orlais."

“I don’t know and I don’t care to..but if I had to guess it’s probably cause he knows who you really are” she said with a shrug “but anyways do we have a agreement gentleman or am I killin today?” She asked as the bar maid set down the ale

"There is no need," said Turon. "We don't know how to get to the ruins and you do. The choice is obvious."

"Welcome abord, buttercup," said Higran.

She held up her cup and they all cheered with their glasses before taking a sip “so y’all can call me nug, my companion is in the forest at my camp when y’all are ready we can head there, oh and you better be nice to her, she a shy woman and honestly I think she is to good for this world” she said with a shrug “why she sticks around me I don’t know” she said taking another sip “oh and you” she said looking at higran and flipping a coin at him “that’s for you wagon I trapped on my way in, needed to make sure you weren’t gonna run on me if I had to kill ya”

"I think we should go talk to the two elves in the corner before we leave," said Turon. "The woman looks like she is about to play a song but the young man doesn't look too happy. It's sad when a clan sends out children to do an adult's job."

“I don’t care about that, meet me at the camp when your ready and be ready before night fall” nug said and downed her ale in one breath “later” she said and walked away disappearing into the crowd

Higran and Turon went to talk to the children.

"Fenros, the Keeper wants us to follow this elf, not drinking," she said. "The Mytherial Clan is up to something if they sent their best warrior here."

Fenros finished his ale "calm your milk makers sis you know I fight better if I had a few" he said ordering another one

"No, you're lucky you don't cut your head off or mine," she said, rolling her eyes. "I know you like to party but Clan Assani is not about that."

He smirked “what’s it about? Oh I know what they all are about, greed and murder” he said taking a sip “all I can do drunk”

Neriel smacked the cup out of Fenros's hand and said, "We are at a market place. We are not in a shemlan bar. We are supposed to be observing what this Mytherial elf is up to. The Keeper wants to know if we should pledge ourselves to the cause or if it's too dangerous to do so. Remember Minia? You used to be sweet on her. This is for her sake."

“One you owe me a beer and two watching them like you are is obvious and three remember who is more skilled here, me” he said getting another beer “this ones on her” he said to the bar keep. He took a long sip “and keep my past from your lips sister” he said in a serious tone

"Perhaps you forget the Keeper's words," she said. "She said that our clan is dying, Fenros. We were the last children born to it is so long, people see us as the last hope. We are still children in elven terms but we have been forced to grow up fast."

He rolled his eyes and took another sip of his ale “nay I haven’t forgotten I just don’t care” he said with a shrug “being a elf is a curse one way or another, it’s only a matter of time before we die out, I ain’t spending what life I may have left fighting for a losing cause”

"We are not dying out," she said. "Our clan is. That's why I'm worried. Grandma... the Keeper may have sent us out because it was too late for them. But this mission could change that." She touched a scroll in her pocket. "This letter could change that."

She sighed in a bored way “look you always over think and again ya staring Is noticeable sit down before once again you muck things up”

She sat down and said, "I don't want to let grandma down, Fenros. Papa died when we were little and mother left us for a shemlan. We have to show our clan we aren't like our mother." She pulled out her flute. "I can get a better look if I play a song."

“Do what you will but you ain’t no bard sis better make it look natural” he said drinking his ale again

"I can play one song," she said, blushing. "I'm still learning."

“You play like a child and it doesn’t matter anyways from the looks of it once again you messed up and got yourself caught” he said as he continued to drink. When she looked back over she realized he was right, the dwarf and elf were walking over

"You two stick out like sore thumbs," said Higran.

"Two Dalish elves far from home," said Turon. "And children at that."

"We were just..." Neriel began, trying to back away.

"Just hand it over girl."

Neriel gave him the note. "We just needed to know for our clan, sir."

"You have much training left." He read the note quickly and burned it. "You can travel, but I will not be marrying anyone."

"Excuse me?"

"Your Keeper tried to pawn you off to me. I accept your aid, but nothing more. And I'd take it. Your clan needs help but marriage for convenience will not be the way. We are not shems."

Fenros laughed “man you got lucky, after all sis he is from old blood, you don’t want to be with someone like that” he said finishing his ale “ok so what, we are hear to help let get to it , I bore of this place” he said paying the tab “what do you need from us?” He asked

He handed them a map and said, "Go to this location. You will be my eyes and ears. Just know this, don't try to be something you aren't. You both are children, in training. Stop trying to act grown up."

Neriel looked down, ashamed.

“Of course we are children to you but it seems old age has also made you a good lier “ fenros said and wrapped his arm around his sisters shoulders “come on let’s go I hate people who’s crowns are to tight” he said and began to walk away with her

"That is how a Dalish man should act," said Turon. "Protecting his people and family. Not drinking like a shem. There is a camp, and I need you to inform me if there is a spy and keep me updated on what my allies are doing. In return, I will send my clan to yours to give aid." He looked at Fenros. "You should trust your own people more. I would never betray the elves."

He scarfed “whatever makes you feel better about yourself and I trust no one and elves are mostly the reason for that not the shems “ he said before they disappeared into the crowd

"That boy is delusional," Turon said.

"That boy has seen some things," retorted Higran. "Come on, Skippy. Let's go meet Buttercup."

"Your nicknames are moronic."

"They keep life fun."

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