Nugget groaned as she leaned back against the log by the fire “come on ye acting silly lily , those darn plants ain’t gonna dry overnight like ya want” she said throwing a piece of the twig she was playing with into the fire.

“The sun is setting which means there is still time, it only takes a couple of hours” liliana said as she continued to hang up the herbs “besides it’s not wrong to want to be prepared” she said with a soft tone “it also makes the area smell nice “ she said more to herself

Turon paused for a moment when he saw the elven woman hanging herbs. The smell reminded him of his own clan's camp. The woman's hair seemed alive with magic in the firelight. But he recovered quickly.

"You made us look in that damn wagon for three hours!" said Higran. "Buttercup, I warn you now, I don't take life threats as a joke." Fridrik cleared his throat. "Oh, this is the Welp."

"My name is Fridrik de Ludvic," he said with a bow. "And I thought it was hilarious."

“Again not buttercup and life is a joke” nugget said standing up “ and I hired you two not the Shem “ she said

Liliana was quiet, she felt eyes on her and she looked over at the male elf that was with the strangers group. He was watching her, she bowed her head slightly in a silent greeting, his face became cold and she felt like she had done something wrong “nug maybe we should talk a little quieter after all we did see..” liliana began “ah don’t worry I killed them all” nugget said interrupting her “besides if there are any left being quiet won’t” she said looking back at higran “the surface dweller?”

"Be more specific, Buttercup," said Higran. "I was born on the surface. I can tell you recently left Orzammar. You are a surface dweller now two. Tell me, have you gotten over falling into the sky yet?"

“Nug...don’t” liliana began but nugget held up her hand and she went quiet “let’s be clear this is strictly business which means we know nothin about each other, there for don’t make stupid comments like you thinking you know something about me and further more....” she said lifting the large cross bow from her back and pointing it at fridrik “I was talking about this bloke you surface licker”

Higran chuckled and said, "He's here because of his debt. If he dies, I'm out of a lot of money and the start of my crew."

"Plus, it's an excuse to travel," said Fridrik.

"So, what is the deal with Red over there?" he asked. "Why are you traveling with her?"

Nug but her cross bow back on her back “cause she is my slave and she goes where I go” she said and when the looks crossed their faces nug laughed and liliana sighed “it’s still not funny” liliana said “aww come on it weeds them out depending on their reactions” she said with a smile sitting down. Liliana clasped her hands in front of her “I’m a healer” she said simply “and her friend “ she said in a soft tone “shhh don’t be throwing that word around woman I told you how much I hate that word” said nug “also it’s more fun to let them think what they want”

Higran said, "You had me going, Buttercup."

"I wasn't laughing," said Fridrick.

Turon glared at the two women.

Liliana cleared her throat “um dinner is ready if you all would like to eat, I didn’t know what your diets were so I made a little bit of everything, the stew has rabbit but in the bowl is a fruit salad for those who don’t eat meat” she said in a shy tone “if something is not to your liking please let me know and ill,....” she was saying until nug cut her off “your not a slave woman! As much as I joke if they don’t like it they can starve” she said “now sir and eat we need to move early” nug said taking a bite out of a biscuit

"It looks good," said Fridrik, taking a bowl of soup.

"Better than most of the stuff served at the pub in South Reach," said Higran.

"You seem better at being a servant than a healer," said Toran, taking some fruit. "Perhaps you would be better with a clan than roaming the wilds like a true elf."

Nug threw her biscuit at Torah’s head “hey! You want to die tonight, I warned you at the table about respecting my friend here” she said in a angry tone

“It’s ok you said we all don’t know each other, so I don’t take his opinion about me to heart” she said turning back and continuing with her herbs “well I’ll do it for you then, come on knife ears I’ll show you how dwarve beat respect into others” she said standing up

"How about I talk to him," said Higran, pulling Turon from the campfire. When they were out of hearing range he said, "Skippy, you seem unusually cold this evening. I know the kids..."

"This isn't about the kids," said Turon. "This is about that woman."

"I know Buttercup can be a bit rough, but we did just meet." Higran said "The elf." Toruń replied "So, you are sweet on her?" Higran said with a grin "No." turon replied coldly "That was fast. Well, I'll go tell Buttercup. It will save your ass in the future." Higran said and walked away before turon could protest. They went back. Turon sat down and went back to his food "So, Red, are you single?" Higran asked as he retook his spot making Turon choked on his water.

Liliana looked back with a shocked expression “I mean as to ask if I have a life partner?” She said in a uneven tone

Nugget looked at higran “hey she ain’t a girl you can scout for your brothels” she said with a glare

"Well, she's pretty enough," said Fridrick. "I'd take her for a round."

"Welp, you have enough debt to me to buy my brothel," said Turon. "And no, it's not for a job. She's not cut out for it. No, just curious. Since we are going to be traveling together, I thought I should know a few things to help protect Red."

"You are not exactly subtle," said Turon. "And I think I will turn in for the night. I am not one for useless prattle."

“Ya set up your own tents and no one needs to worry about protect lil, that’s my job, just focus on our task,” said nug “also I cut of anyone’s dangling bits who even thinks about lil in such a manner she said looking at fridrik

Liliana blushed and quietly stepped away, she caught up with turon as she heard the others senseless chit chat “excuse me...” she said softly “um it gets cold in these woods at night if you need extra....”

"I am fine," said Turon coldly. "I have no need for shemlan blankets or the aid of an elf who has turned her back on her people."

She frowned “there are many things I am willing to stay quiet about but you don’t know me and to be so cold about such a subject not only angers me but hurts my heart” she said gripping her dress “do you always judge others so quickly and wrongly or just your own people “ she said in a upset tone

"I see that you are not with your own people and seem to have no reason to be with the dwarven woman," he said. "What conclusion should I make if it is not that you left your clan?"

“Maybe if you would have asked instead of assuming I might have been more willing to tell you, but such a man who condemns me so readily is not someone I wish to get to know” she said in a hurt tone “I guess what I had of you was false...I thought...I thought you wanted to help out people not treat them they way you are treating me and for the record some people don’t have a choice but to leave their clans if they wish to survive and the last thing they need is for someone to treat them the way you have treated me this night” she said “lord turon” she said with a curtsy and turned to walk away

"If you were forced to leave, you would have been sent to another clan," he said. "And I am no shemlan lord. I am the First in my clan. I aim to reclaim the Dales for all Dalish. And I judge based on what I have seen. You have not given me a reason to assume otherwise. So, explain to me then, why you were not sent to another clan and are with a dwarf instead?"

She stopped but didn’t turn around “you judge on what you wanted to see and I no longer wish to continue humoring your coldness, I thought you of all people would know you don’t need a clan to help our people...” she said and walked away back to the others, leaving him alone with his thoughts. Just as he was about to go to his tent Fridrik walked out and said, "You are bad at this. You like her. Any man can see that." He said in a teasing tone "Shut up, shem," Turon said "Next time, just let her bounce on top and tell her that her tits look nice. Always made the servents in my home feel appreciated." Turon had him pinned to a tree by the throat. "You will not say such foolish things. We Dalish are not like the foolish elves in your cities." He let go, and Fridrik coughed. "And you even think of speaking in such a way about her again, I won't hesitate to get demons involved." Fridrik just stood up smirking, though he didn't like the thought of demons.

“Aye! If ya done eating hit the sack we wake before the sun does” yelled nugget from by the camp fire. Turon could see liliana sitting by a sleeping back near the herbs that were hanging from the tree, she was slowly eating some fruit though he could tell she didn’t want it.

Turon set up his tent but kept looking at Liliana from the corner of his eye. She was a distraction he could not afford. When Fridrik went up to Liliana, he wished he knew how to shoot the shem with just the power of his glare.

"You know, I've never met anyone like you," Fridrik said. "So attentive and good with their hands."

Liliana looked up at him "did you need something fridrik? If it was just conversation I dare say it's a bit late for it and I'm rather tired" she said in a soft tone.

He played with a lock of her hair as he said, "I just thought we could get to know one another."

She looked at the hand that was touching her hair and then back up at him "please....don't tough me" she said in a low tone

"Just thought that a pretty girl like you would need to be comforted after what Turon said," replied Fridrik. "It was awful of him to treat you that way." He ran his finger down her arm. "It was a disgrace if you ask me. You deserve to be treated better."

"Nugget!" Liliana said loudly, before he could even turn around a whip grabbed his neck and pull so hard he was lifted off of his feet and slammed into his back, knocking the wind out of him "did I not say she was off limits?!" Nugget said and then looked at higran "if this is the way you hold up your end of your deals then I should have killed ya, either he leaves or the deals off" she said in a serious tone as fridrik gasped for aor

"Fine," said Higran, holding his hands up. "More trouble than he's worth, really. We'll send him to the camp with Warden Blackheart."

"Perhaps my allies could knock some sense into the brat," said Turon. "He will leave at first light."

"Does that make you happy?" Higran asked.

Nugget hesitated a moment longer before she loosened the whip and he gasped and coughed "apologize " nugget said looking down at him "unlike I'm sure the company you keep a lady doesn't like to be touched by just anyone and I find it stupid you would do so to a stranger who you know nothing about but that's besides the point, apologize and get in yer tent before I do the world a favor and castrate you" she said

"I..." he said, coughing. "I apologize"

He got up, light-headed, and wobbled to his tent. Turon picked up a pot and put some leaves into a pot from his satchel until it boiled. He strained it and put it into a cup. He took it to Liliana "Calm your nerves," he said. "This will help."

Her eyes met his but only for a moment, they were a golden hazel like a beautiful Autumn leaf " thank you" she said looking away and taking a sip

"Warming up now?" Higran asked with a chuckle.

"No woman deserves a scoundrel pawing at her or drooling like a dog," said Turon, slamming the cup down. "Lady Nugget, I suggest you and your friend share a tent. Fridrik might try something later if you don't."

" If he values his life he will not come out from his tent and lil doesn't sleep in tents" she said looking over at her "though I keep telling her she should " big said in a aggravated tone " I'll be fine...." Liliana said taking another sip of the tea, turon could see she kept whipping off the arm he touched like it bothered her "you all should sleep, I will make sure to get up early to make you breakfast so you have your energy" she said in a soft tone not looking up at anyone

"Well, let's get some sleep," said Higran.

"I'll keep watch," said Turon.

"No, you will sleep in your tent," said Higran. "The last thing we need is you burning Welp's tent down because he comes out for a piss." Said higran

"We are in a forest with bandits. Someone should keep watch." Turon replied

"No one is for miles. Just go to sleep with your staff nearby." Higran said walking to his tent

Liliana chuckled and played it off like she was coughing "I will keep watch and then nug will take my place" said liliana

"You had a rough day you sleep first I'll take first watch" nugget said "but I always take first if you switch it will mess me up" she said looking up at her "too bad get some sleep" nug said sitting on the log where everyone was in view of her. Liliana sighed and started to lay down on her blanket, she covered herself with a fur cover "thank you....turon" she said when he turned to walk away

He paused a moment before walking to his tent. Higran sighed and said, "He's a moron."

"Shut up, Dwarf!" Turon growled at him before going inside.

Higran laughed and went to his own tent for the night.

Neriel looked at the fire at their camp. She peeked at Fenros every now and then.

"We should go to the allied camp," she said after a moment. "If we don't..."

“If we don’t what? They will come after us? Not likely” he said stirring the pot that hung over the fire

"She'll know," said Neriel. "Gra... The Keeper always knows. Anytime we acted out, she knew without anyone telling her. Anytime we snuck out or played beyond the boundaries, she knew." She hugged her knees. "I don't want to see her angry again. It was like we couldn't do anything right. I want to show her we can."

“When are you going to stop trying to please her, it’s so annoying, your acting like a kid someone scolded, knock it off” he said in a cold tone

"Fenros, that man made it feel like she was going to pop out at any moment," she said. "It felt real. Forgive me for actually caring about being Dalish!"

She stood up and stomped off into the woods. She didn't realize that she had left her knife and bow at the camp side.

Fenros sighed “forgot your gear!” He said without getting up “idiot” he said with a shake of his head

She was far into the woods when she screamed. She reached for her bow, but realized it was gone. She backed into a tree when a nug walked out from the underbrush. She slid down and tried not to cry with relief.

“Are you ok miss” a male voice came out of nowhere from behind her

She squeaked and moved back, saying, "Stay back!"

“It’s ok I was sent by sir blackheart who sent me, your neriel right?” He asked. He was a tall man with heavy looking armor on, sliver and blue

"I don't know who that is," she said, trying to figure out how to get back to her brother. "Or how you know my name."

“Sir blackheart works for lord mytherial “ he said “my name is Micheal” he said bowing slightly “I was sent to make sure you and your brother arrive to the camp safely

"That doesn't tell me how you learned my name," she said. "We only meet him today. He wasn't traveling with you. He doesn't even like shems. Nor do I."

“Your cautious and that’s good but you being a elf or me being a human matters not, he sent word and we answered his call it’s that simple” the man said in a more harsh tone “if you are refusing to go to the ally camp I will simple leave and inform them you are not coming” he said in a serious tone “but the signal on my armor is enough proof I speak the truth “ he said

"I must speak with my brother," she said after a moment.

“I understand “ he said in a softer tone “please allow me to accompany you, it’s not safe” he said

"Fine but try anything and I'll..." she began.

Her brother came out of no where with his sword drawn “move and I’ll show you how easy it is to pierce your armor” he said in a threatening tone

The man held up his hands “I mean no harm like I was telling your sister I am here on behalf of sir blackheart “ he said and fenros frowned “the warden blackheart?” He asked in a skeptical tone. The man nodded “the very one, he received word from the Lord Mytherial and sent me to add you on your trip to the camp”

"Fenros?" Neriel said, going to him and taking her things from his back. "What should we do?"

“I have heard the signals on their armor are special so no one but the original owner can wear them, it keeps others from being impostures in camps, among others reasons” he said and the man smiled “you are right, it’s good to see you have a good head on your shoulders, your gonna need it at camp” he said lowering his hands and fenros slowly put his sword away “we don’t need a escort “ fenros said “are you not coming?” Asked the man

"Fenros," Neriel whispered to her brother so that the man couldn't hear, "do you trust this shem? They took mother away, remember?"

He glared at her "you believe everything that old woman says don't you" he said in a cold tone before looking at the man "yes we are but not until morning, you may stay at our camp" he said and started walking away leaving his sister looking shocked

Neriel followed them back to the camp. She didn't trust the stranger. Why was her brother always siding with humans?

Once they reached camp it wasn't long before they all went to sleep.

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