Dreamland 2

"I was trying to save him some embarrassment," said Higran. "Like a good friend." He watched Turon put Liliana in her bed and leave. "Look, he is a great guy, but he's an idiot. Look past the cold and see what his eyes tell you. They sparkle when he looks at Red. And remember, during the attack, he was between everyone and Red, protecting her from the Wraiths. Despite his words, his actions are what you need to look at." He began walking after Turon. "Oh, and Buttercup, I heard that there is a bunch of people saying demons lay along this road. They don't trust it anymore. We took the long way around to get to Orzammar to avoid them. I'm surprised your girl isn't comatose."

"There is no such thing at love at first site, your friend is just a freak who is lonely" nugget said with some bite in her tone "and don't you worry about liliana she is not yours or your demented friends concern you got that, " she said

"You are traveling with us," said Higran, stopping. "One thing you will learn about us is, it doesn't matter if you are a human, dwarf, elf, or Qunari, we watch out for everyone. And that was my 'demented friend's' influence on me, not the other way around." He looked at her, for once, a serious expression on his face. "You'll learn a lot about Turon Mytherial in the 'short time' we have together. One is, as cold as he is, he does care."

"This is not the kind of world people like us are friends in , for someone who makes a living like you do I thought you would understand that" she said and he could see in that moment she was definitely more then just your run of the meal dwarf, he saw pain and knowledge in her eyes "but it doesn't matter in a couple of weeks we will go out separate ways" she said and waved him off with her hand "leave me be, we all have to get moving in a couple of hours and I am already tired of you"

"Let me guess, you think my girls are just your run of the mill whores that owe me debts and that I use, right?" he asked. "My girls are spies. I know more dirt on the nobles and soldiers than anyone else. I don't sell girls, I sell secrets. The girls understand that they don't have to use their bodies. Hell, the boys that work for me there understand that too! The thing is, they choose to do that and I got the license to allow them to get information that way. If I wanted to, I could take over Orzammar and Fereldan. If they fall in love, I give them money to start a better life and I use the information to protect them. I wasn't looking for common whores or desperate dwarves at Orzammar. I was looking for women to appeal to certain people to gain information." He walked up to her. "My girls have a job, a roof over their head, and food in their stomachs. I never told them to use their bodies, they chose to do so to help me out for giving them a job. All I asked was that they got information for clients or whatever was required. How they get it is none of my business, but it allows me to keep them safe." He grabbed his ax. "And just so you know, love may not be for you or me. Hell, Welp doesn't deserve love. But Turon does. He is the only person I know who deserves it. He doesn't allow himself to have it. But love at first sight? Some wish they were so lucky."

With that, he walked away.

"Hey nug licker I was talking about that not your whores! With all that you know about the world do you really want to fall in love?" she said cursing in a dwarven language "dwarven men are as hard headed as the rocks they live under, no wonder why surface dwarves are hate, he is all soft" she said to herself.

Four hours later/ sunrise

Turon and Higran woke up to the cursing of a very angry nugget, her voice reaching them all the way into the woods where they slept "I'll kill him!" She yelled "calm down nug please we will figure it out just calm down" liliana said in a softer tone "no! Those supplies were to last us the whole trip remeber how hard we worked to get them! You made potions until your fingers bleed! I'm going to kill him!" She said in a threatening tone "I can make more...we can sell them on the way, we will be ok " liliana said trying to calm her down as she through a pot against a tree

"The brat did it again, Higran," said Turon.

Before the dwarf could say a word, Nugget tackled him. As much as it hurt, he saw a fire in her. And he liked it "this is your fault you brought him here!" She yelled as she socked him good in the jaw

"How much was stolen?" Turon asked Liliana. "I have plenty of coin to replace it. And I can aid in making new poultices to heal wounds. I would like an inventory."

Liliana stared at him for a moment "I'm...I'm sorry I attacked you last night" she said in a low tone but before he could reply she started talking again "everything...food...clothes even things that where not replaceable" she said with a said tone and he knew that meant something close to her heart was in the cart he stole "but i have a habit of hiding things with knew people around" she said walking over to the tree she was hanging up her herbs on and lifted up her blanket she slept on, the dirt underneath looked like it had been dug into. She started to dig to reveal and blanket tied up and stuffed with things "there are some extra clothes, food and herbs to make potions in, and a couple of weapons, nothing big" she said in a soft tone reaching down and trying to lift it out of the ground but it was obviously to heavy for her

"I'll send word to Warden Blackheart to hold the wagon and not to touch its contents," he said, picking up the bundle. "I'll let them know to beat the bastard within an inch of his life for this. It is the third time he has done something like this to us recently."

Liliana ran over when she noticed nug attacking higran "stop!" She yelled grabbing her and nug groaned "don't you..." She began "damn you woman stop doing that! It's ok to be angry!" She said pushing liliana away as she got off of higran. Liliana looked sad "but it's not ok to hurt innocent people" liliana said "they are not innocent, they brought him here knowing he has done things like this before!" Nugget said "they are just as guilty as he is!" Nugget yelled and liliana flinched "well...we all make mistakes and I saved some things..we will be ok we always are and" liliana said before nug cut her off " it's not the point! I'm tired of getting screwed over and if I can't protect and friggin wagon how can I protect you!" Nugget said catching her off guard. Nugget sighed and pitched the bridge of her nose "I'm sorry...I know sometimes I am a burden but I'll get better...just give me a chance" liliana said and nugget sighed again "that's not what I meant...ya don't have ta change lil I just meant.... nevermind, what do we have left?" She asked

"Enough to last us until the next town judging by the weight," said Turon.

"I'll see what coin I have left," said Higran, standing up.

"I have plenty. As if I'd trust him with any coin just lying around." Said turon

"Hey, I like to believe there is good in people." Replied higran

"How many times has that ended up with you tied upside down from a tree without your clothes?" Asked turon

"Ok, Skippy. Fair point." He looked at Nugget. "Sorry, Buttercup. I should have had Turon magic the cart so it couldn't be taken. It was my slip up." Higran said in a sincere tone "I could have done it, but failed to do so." Replied turon

"New supplies on Skippy." Higran said with a smirk "You owe me a proper Dalish wine when we get back to South Reach." Tori said "You got it." Replied Higran.

Liliana cleared her throat "um there is a good chance we can still get the cart back" she said in a low tone as she held up a large metal spike "is that what I think it is? " Nugget said "I just thought with new people that it was a wise thing to do" she said in a shy tone "so he couldn't have gotten far right?" She asked and nugget laughed "that's my girl! I'm glad I'm finally rubbing off on ya and making ya not like stranger's!" She said laughing "I bet that boy is knee high in a ditch right now!" She said laughing hysterically

"Well, let's go get the Welp," said Higran, laughing.

"It won't be funny if he fell off a cliff," said Turon, walking up the road.

They followed the trail and had been walking only about twenty minutes before the found the cart and tipped over, but fridrik was no where to be seen, but the car was still locked which mean he was unable to steal anything "girlie of I swing that way I'd kiss ya!" Nugget said slapping liliana on the back with a big smile as she went over to the cart. Liliana smiled softly and went over to where the horse would have been" he took blossom" she said in a sad tone

"Damn him," said Higran. "He's playing me."

"Now he will be in the price range that will allow his father bail him out," said Turon. "Even with blackmail."

"Yeah, yeah. Look, we know he is on his way to Orlais." Said higran

"We can beat him to Val Royeaux. His father will be there for him to talk to about the debt." Replied turon

"Val royeaux is in the opposite way that we are going" replied nugget "it won't work but lucky for ya I'm mad at him and know some people who can stop him from reachin there" she said with a smirk

Liliana looked sadly at them "I just want blossom back" she said in a sad tone

"I wouldn't do that," said Higran. "He's the son of a merchant lord, remember? Just that status alone, and most others would jump ship faster than rats. However, my girls know that status is all the same, though they swear Fridrik's is smaller than most."

"Fine I'll have my people drag his sorry as to that allied camp of yours, happy?" Nugget said crossing your arms like he took away her fun.

Turon could see how sad liliana was. She turned away but not before he saw a year fall from her eyes

"We will get the treasure back," said Turon. "I'll have word sent to Blackheart to expect a man tied so tight he can't breathe."

"Add a chastity belt," said Higran. "And I was making a joke, Buttercup. To lighten the mood."

Nugget scoffed "I'll go send word " she said and started to walk "liliana your coming with me...it's not far from here and..." Liliana cut her off " no I want to stay here and take inventory" she said. Liliana looked at turon from a side glance, for some reason his anger made her feel better. He saw her wipe her tears and go to the other side of the cart and open up the supply box with the key "but I am not leaving you here with them" nugget said to which liliana spoke before the men could "yes you are, I'm not as helpless as you believe, now go my horse" she said not looking up, nugget looked like she was about to continue to speak when Higran cleared his throat.

"I'll make sure nothing happens," he said. "Despite the business I run, I protect those I travel with. If Skippy tries to make a move on Red, I'll kick his ass twice as hard. And I have a type."

Nugget glared "lil quit being so stubborn remember what happened last night when you were alone with.." again liliana interrupted her " that's as my fault not his but you can take higran with you that way I won't be out numbered if something does happened and you will also have back up" she said still not looking up "lil what's going on with" nugget said in a concerned tone taking a step towards her "I said go!" She suddenly yelled and turon and Higran couldn't see liliana but something she was doing made nugget stop walking and looked very concerned "ok lil I'll go...I'll be back soon um come on dwarf man your with me and you can come to knife ears..." Nugget said in a serious tone

"Are you sure you want to be alone, Red?" asked Higran.

"I can stay so that if anymore Wraiths appear, she can be protected," Turon said.

"That's up to her " nugget said, higran was concerned on how submissive nugget was acting, even though he didn't know her well this was way to submissive for a dwarf

"You can stay just... Don't look back here, ladies clothes should not bee seen by a man she is not bound to " liliana said

"You have my word," said Turon. "Higran, here is the money I have. Pick up enough supplies for a few weeks."

"Sure," he said, taking the coin pouch. "Let's go, Buttercup."

He practically led Nugget away from the camp by the arm.


Turon put the pack down and tied a cloth around his eyes, saying, "Now, I will not be able to see. Don't worry. I can still sense any spirits nearby and have training in using my ears to attack any enemies."

She was quiet for a long time "do you....do you meet spirits when you dream walk? " She said suddenly

"Sometimes," he said. "Sometimes, I must call them to me. I have found those that offer wisdom and hold great knowledge. But I only bring them to me if I cannot learn what I seek. More often than not, I do not find the answers I need."

"I hope when I die I do not become a spirit" she said as she continued to go through the cart "you didn't have to stay" she added

"I wasn't about to leave you alone in the woods," he said. "Not after the attack last night. Or the bandits along the road."

He heard her walking and getting closer, soon he could smell her nature scent, she smelled like the forest and the sun and rain combined. He felt her hand lightly touch the side of his face, her touch once again sending warmth through him, just as he was about to say something and move she removed his blindfold "you don't need to wear this anymore, I have repacked our clothes "she said in a soft tone and took a step back

He had to clear his throat and say, "Very good. What else needs to done before we set out?"

"Can you lift the cart and I'll put in the spike for the wheel? It's heavy so you will need to use magic" she said

He lifted his staff and levitated the cart with ease, saying, "I don't often use this spell. I may be a bit out of practice, so be careful."

She nodded and quickly went to work, just and she used the harmer to hot the wheel into place she heard a creak and looked up to see a small back about to fall out of the carriage above her, she slammed the hammer again and locked the wheel in place just as the bag fell. She caught it and flitched " damn nug and her pricklers" she said to herself "ok it's done" she said

He sat the cart down and went to her, saying, "Let me see." He looked at her hands. "I know a light healing spell that can take care of this."

"It's ok I have potions in the cart...don't waste your energy" she said in a soft tone "I also have a good Mana restoration potion of you need it" she said and he felt her eyes on his face

"I am fine," he said. "I can get the potion for you to minimize infection."

"It's ok I know where it is where as you don't " she said "I also need to grab something for the posion" she said as her hands started to turn purple

Turon cursed in elven and said, "You shouldn't have caught that damn bag! What the hell were you thinking?!"

She jumped when he yelled "if the bag would have dropped the pricklers would have opened up and poisonous spores would have been released....I don't have enough antidote for everyone" she said and walked over to the cart though she was a little unsteady " it's ok I just need to get to the bag...." She said leaning against the cart "maybe you should....it's a red bag with a white ribbon on it..." She said looking pale

He quickly grabbed the bag and pulled out every bottle. His heart was racing, his eyes were larger than normal. It was like he had forgotten what antidote and healing potions looked like in that moment. His breathing was coming out fast and she could see he was praying in elven.

She leaned on his arm with her head and he slowly started to calm down "the purple one" she said in a tired tone "you don't have to be so nervous, I promise we will still go to your elven ruins, I will make sure nugget knows you have done nothing wrong and it was her fault for leaving the bag there" she said and he realized she thought he was panicking for his own selfish reasons that had to do with the elven ruins

He picked up the bottle and opened it, applying it gently to her hands, saying, "You can't tell Higran, or I'll never hear the end of it."

Even now, he tried to hide it. But he knew. It wasn't over not seeing the ruins. Something in this woman called to him. And he was falling for it. He shouldn't be. He had a mission. He had to see it through. He looked up at Liliana. She was a distraction he could not ignore.

"What do you mean?" She asked in a strained tone. She flinched on a deep puncture in her hand when he applied the posion and bite her lip "I'm sorry... I'm not good with pain...I envy that about nugget..as a warrior she can withstand a lot of pain , I am feel weak compared to her" she said in a low tone "I'm not a traitor by the way...." She said suddenly "I just want you to know that......" She said looking down at her hands and watched him put medicine on them

He tipped her head up to look at him and said, "There are different kinds of strength, Liliana. You show kindness to everyone, even strangers. I could never do that. Too much distrust. And I believe we talked about this in the dream realm already. I apologized for my misconception."

He saw color return to her cheeks "but to you....someone who doesn't like the shem...doesn't that make me a traitor in your eyes because I try to help everyone... including them?" She asked not moving away from his touch

"I have shemlan allies, Liliana," he said. "I don't like shems, it's true, but we all have a common cause in what I am doing. We are searching for knowledge. Once found, we may be on different sides, but we work together until then. Blackheart speaks for the shems and we converse, though not always civilly. Higran acts as a kind of mediator."

She was silent for a moment "I wish I could continue to speak to you but this potion has a side effect.." she said and leaned forward. Her head laid down on his shoulder and he had to catch her "the potion...with the green top...can wake me..just let my hands heal first" she said against the skin on his neck, her breathe was warm

"It's okay," he said, sitting down and holding her tenderly. "I can wait."

After ten minutes, he picked up the bottle she said to and laid her down on her bedroll. He helped her to drink and stepped back. No one needed to know that he held her while she slept.

She woke up a few minutes later and sat up slowly " how long was I asleep?" She asked softly "and I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble"

"About ten minutes," he said, "and no trouble."

She got up "are they back yet?" She asked

"Not yet, but they should be back at any moment," said Turon.

She nodded "ok...they we should go back to the wagon right?" She said in a soft tone

"I should see if you were injured elsewhere," he said. "I did not want to do so without your permission, so I waited until your hands healed. But the way you caught the bag..."

She chuckled "you are acting strange, are you ok?" She asked

Her smile was like a bolt of lightning. He forgot how to speak for a moment.

Finally, he managed to say, "I-I'm fine."

She suddenly looked concerned "are you sure...your stuttering and" she took a step toward him

He stepped back and said, "Liliana, you are starting down a road that will only end with one of us getting hurt."

She looked confused "what do you mean? " She asked in a soft tone "I was just asking if you were ok...did I offend you?" He asked

"No," he said with a sigh. "It isn't that. Trust me, it's for the best."

"What's for the best?" She asked in a more upset tone "please be more clear"

"He says he likes you!" Higran yelled from the other side of the campfire. "I'm sorry, but it was getting painful to watch."

"Dwarf, stay out of this," said Turon.

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