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Summary: Dance when the moon sings, and don't worry about troubles that haven't yet come.

Kaylara Eldsteen

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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Humans (Immortal)

Skills/Magic/Combat Capabilities/Specific Race Traits

As a very old Immortal, Kaylara has an encyclopedic knowledge of magic, monsters, languages, and the various gods and organizations that exist.
Her skill in magic is honed to a razor edge of near perfection. She is able to decipher most spells and runes and counter them. This isn't a result of genius, but untold centuries of practice.
In combat, she is skilled with most weapons. Her natural skill with handguns is superb. With most other weapons, she has the fluidity of long practice, but not the innate talent that makes a true master.
Kay is purely Human. However she possesses an immense, essentially unlimited, ability to draw on mana with no side effects and complete control.


Hunter / Mistress of the Hunt / Mistress of the Hunt

Physical Appearance

Kaylara has the kind of figure gymnasts would die for. Standing at about 5'4" and a very fit 140, she is quite smaller than most expect. However she has the unconscious grace and authority that makes one swear she was 10 feet tall.
Her hair is, currently, it's natural raven black. Her eyes are blue, though the shade changes depending on her mood, from a bright glow when she's excited, to a dark almost black when she's angry.
On her skin she has a variety of wards and seals tattooed that provide a wide range of effects from protection to strength and others. Usually she keeps them hidden under clothing. She also has a collection of scars from centuries of fighting various creatures and beings.

Personality & Interests

Kaylara's personality is fairly straightforward. If she likes you, you will know it. And if she doesn't, you will definitely know it.
She maintains a calm outer appearance, though there's little that really shakes her. She tries to keep personal attachments to a minimum, though she's dismal at it and often bonds with those she works closely with.
Her main joy involves learning new things, a rarity after such a long life.
Unlike many extremely old Immortal Humans, Kaylara has yet to experience the madness associated with such a long life.


Kaylara's origins are a mystery, even to her. She awoke on the banks of the river Tigris before even the Sumerians arrived to build their empire. Since then she has traveled the world, learning and fighting.
In around 400 B.C. she formed the organization that would become the Hunters and became it's head.
She has had various partners, some mortal, some not. She even has various descendants around, though the distance is at least a couple dozen generations.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items

Primary Personal Weapon : Modified H&K USP Expert
Artifacts : Circe's Staff - boosts the output of spells
Magical Items : A variety of charms, enchanted rings and earrings, and enchanted gems with various effects.

All Hunters have access to a wide variety of weapons from swords to guns to explosives and equip themselves according to what their mission is.

Organization Affiliated With


Relationship With Other Characters

Ragnar - Close confidant, occasional partner
Thomas - Teacher, team leader
Elenwen - Teacher

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Image of Kaylara Eldsteen
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