Transfers X - 14 July 2016

The target disintegrated into a plume of flame, sending wooden shards spinning off in every direction. Black trails drifted lazily from the charred remains and the smell of woodsmoke filled the air. Eli lowered his weapon and shook his head.
“It would probably help if I did not use the incendiary rounds…” he mumbled to himself. “Might have been able to actually see where I hit.” The mage flicked open the cylinder of his revolver and loaded another round, this time making sure to avoid the ones painted red. The hunter lifted his S&W Model 500 magnum and fired a second time, creating a gaping hole several inches in diameter in the center of his second target. This time, he nodded to himself. “Now that’s better.” Sitting down, he started cleaning the barrel.
After a few minutes Eli heard the door open and turned to see Malcolm standing in the doorway somewhat hesitantly. “Are you done blowing things up or should I wait a few more minutes?” the senior huntsman asked, only partially jokingly.
Cracking a smile, Eli put down his revolver. “It’s safe. What’s up?”
“I just got word from Ragnar. I hate to say it but you’re getting transfered.”
The hunter let out a sigh, the smile dying on his face. “Is this because of the whole demigod thing?”
Malcolm shrugged. “They want to keep an eye on you I guess.”
“And they can’t do that from here?”
“Would you prefer me constantly taking notes on your every moment?”
Another sigh. “Yeah, fair enough. So I should pack?”

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