Team Arrival XXII - 18 July 2016

"Any room is fine, I suppose. So long as there's a good shower and somewhere to lie down." Naomi replied with a shrug. After several years in the Corp, and a couple of deployments to the backend of nowhere, she wasn't picky about accommodations.

Kaylara smiled to herself as she looked at a small map on her desk. The team of young ones down stairs would be interesting to watch, so long as she eased them into things. They were all typical Hunters at heart, passionate in their ways, fairly confident despite the occasional doubts, and all naturally skilled.
"Perhaps we shall start them with clearing those pesky harpy nests on the coast?" she muttered to herself. The Patomic river and the coast land near it's mouth was notorious for attracting the foul creatures and clearing the nests was an annoying, if vital, task.
"Yes. Give young Miss Hawke a couple of days to gear up properly, and I think that will do well for a first task."

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