Team Arrival XXVIII - 18 July 2016


"I'd love to meet your familiar sometime."
Elenwen smiled at Naomi's frustration with her lack of knowledge. "We might run into him during the tour, actually. He spends most of his time practicing archery, for some reason."
Thomas cleared his throat. "Says the person who spends all day in the Library."
The witch granted him an acknowledging nod. "Fair enough. You'll probably come to notice I keep strange hours," she said, addressing Naomi. "Don't be surprised if I'm already gone by the time you get up."
"She's not hard to find though," Thomas cut in. "Just find somewhere with lots of books and she's bound to show up."
The comment elicited a chuckle from Elenwen. "Okay, that might be true. Maybe."

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