Team Arrival XXIX - 18 July 2016

Naomi noted the byplay between Thomas and Elenwen. It was obvious the two were familiar with each other, much more than the rest of the team.
"So, a tour then." She said, eager to get a look around. One of her objectives was to see how Hunters lived and trained so that SPECTRE could adapt and use their methods.
"Right," Thomas said with a nod. "So, first the Camp is mostly open. Obviously there's housing for various teams that you can't just enter without permission. And I mean you quite literally can not unless you blow apart the warding with force. Which will notify everyone around. Miss Kay and Ragnar have full access to the housing, but they don't enter unless it's important." Naomi nodded. That was a good idea, both the protections and the ability for leaders to enter.
"Now, there's a handful of other places, which I will point out later, that house dangerous or powerful artifacts and such. They're always marked as off limits. Do not, under any circumstances, try to enter. You will not survive." Thomas' tone was flat, matter of fat, and Naomi didn't doubt him for a second.
"Now, let's go see the place."
Thomas led the two girls outside to one of the many side-by-sides that were communal property. "By the way, there's a handful of these around. If the key is in it, it's fair game to use. Hop in."
He drove to the front gate. It resembled an old city gate from the Middle Ages. Despite there being nothing on either side, Naomi got the strong impression of a massive, impregnable wall. One would not be able to simply go around this gate. "Obviously, this is the entrance. Miss Kay had it brought from the old Camp in England after a couple of minor unnamed gods inhabited it. They are Guardians, so even major gods will have trouble passing them. If they can find the place. There's about 300 years worth of enchantments and wards on this Camp that make it practically impossible to find unless invited and even harder to enter."
Thomas then drove up a long paved pathway towards a massive mansion. She couldn't place the style, but it was decorative without being flamboyant. "The main house. It's bigger inside than it should be. Don't ask me how. It just is. Miss Kay and Ragnar stay here, along with visiting Huntsmasters and dignitaries. Also, meeting rooms, a small library that you need Miss Kay's permission to enter and a small armory. Not to mention a dining hall and kitchen for major ceremonies or holidays. It changes size to suit the number of people." He pointed to what looked like a barn next to it. It had been clearly updated with modern materials, but was a very old style. "That is our garage. Again, much, much bigger inside. It actually was originally a barn, but it's been updated. We still have a few mounts in there though. And a special room for visiting centaurs, though they rarely use it. We have tons of vehicles to use whenever needed and the dwarf mechanics we have will be happy to work on yours if you want."
There were several small paved roads leading away from the main house and Thomas headed down the left most one. "By the way, all the paths loop around and connect. If you can't remember where something is, follow a path. You'll find it eventually."
He continued on, driving through what looked like a regular neighborhood. "This is the housing area for teams. Obviously we were here earlier. Every team has a house assigned to them. As you notice, there's a decent sized yard with either a tree line or large shrubbery to separate each house. They're enchanted to prevent most noise from disturbing neighbors. Some of them have small sheds out back of various types. They're also bigger inside than they should be." Thomas paused and shrugged. "Okay, just note that everything in Camp, including the Camp itself, is bigger inside than out. It's weird and breaks every law of physics known to man, but it's Miss Kay that set it up, so just roll with it." He smiled crookedly as Naomi nodded, slightly bemused and amused, and continued the tour. They continued on a ways and approached a long, low building that sat in front of a large earth berm. "This is the Armory. You can find practically any weapon you can imagine in here. Armor too. We have several dwarf smiths and Loan Maclibuin is our head smith. If he can't forge it, it doesn't exist. We'll get you in here later to gear up. Behind that, is our explosive slash gun range. Enchanted earth berms prevent any stray rounds from escaping, even if fired upwards. " Naomi blinked at the 'explosive' part but she supposed it made sense.
Thomas continued on, pointing out the road that led back to the main house, but passing it by to continue on.
He came to a fenced in collection of buildings. "Here is our storage and processing area. A lot of artifacts exist that would be troublesome for regular people to have. They're not dangerous, generally, but we keep them here. Some monsters also have valuable materials you can get from them. Hide, bones, and such. We bring back the corpses and process them here. Odds are, you'll do a stint in that job just to learn how. It's handy for learning the weakness of various critters." He continued a bit further to another small collection of buildings, including some greenhouses. "This area has the largest variety of buildings. Obviously the greenhouses. We grow everything from vegetables, to herbs, to weird mystical plants that do God knows what. We also have the libraries. A couple of them. One of which requires permission to enter. It houses grimoires. The other is mainly lore. And there's a lot. We have a couple of smithies, alchemy labs, regular science labs, and some empty buildings that can be used for whatever." Thomas looked over at Naomi. "And that's the majority of it. There's a couple of other places, but they're off limits. So, what do you think?"
Naomi looked back at him. "I think this will take awhile to process. This is...." She trailed off for a moment, contemplating how to continue. "Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. It's so efficient it's scary. "
Thomas chuckled. "That's a normal reaction. You'll get used to it. Let's get back to the house. Let you think it all over."
He started the side by side up again and headed towards the team's house.

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