Downtime - 18 July 2016


Once the tour was completed Elenwen went back to her work, reading and annotating an older thesis on the use of blood as a magical catalyst, but decided to sit in the commons area of the team's house rather than cooped up in some nook of the Library. The witch observed that Eli and Aisling had been talking for a bit before Aisling abruptly left and went into the yard. Elle assumed she climbed a tree, since she did not see the half-elf going to the road. Eli then went to tinker in his workshop. Elenwen took a ponderous sip of her tea before going back to her annotations.
Around lunchtime Luke came into the kitchen and began making a pot of coffee. "Morning," he muttered to Elle.
"It's afternoon, actually," the witch said innocently, taking another sip of tea.
Luke shot her a glare but didn't say anything and took a long drought of his scalding bean water. Elenwen wondered how he could drink it, sipping her tepid leaf water.

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