Downtime II - 18 July 2016

- Naomi -
After returning to the team's house, Naomi began to unpack her few belongings as she contemplated her day so far.
It had been quite interesting to see the Camp. It's layout was obviously the result of much experience. Not to mention the resources required to create such a place, and hide it too, she thought. It was a sobering realization of just how different this world was from the one she had lived in her whole life. Not that I can run away from it now, she thought, slightly bitterly Even if the agency would let me leave, which I doubt highly, I'll always be aware of how much is actually out there. And how can I run from that and leave people to the mercy of a merciless world?
Honor. Duty. Two things her parents had made quite sure she understood. Now that she was here, knowing what she did, she couldn't leave and abandon all the people that needed help to their fate.
"Well," she said aloud to her empty room, "looks like I'll be here for awhile."
It was, she decided then, about time for lunch.

- Thomas -
Thomas sighed as he looked at the stack of paperwork in front of him. Reactivating a team, especially with an entirely new member who was also a liaison, was a lot of work.
Despite the gung-ho reputation -and, he admitted to himself, attitude - of the Hunters as an organization, they were actually quite detailed when possible. Even the things done off the cuff required a ton of reports and such afterwards. Fortunately, his unofficial job of Ragnar and Miss Kay's adjutant helped him learn how to quickly finish the work.
"Time for lunch," He muttered to himself as he stood up from his desk.
He paused as his phone chimed.
Miss Hawke's official introduction will be tonight. Be at the main house by 1930 hours.
A message from Ragnar.
He frowned. It was unusual to have an official introduction the day a new Hunter arrived. Generally, they were done en masse during the yearly Gathering.
Unless they were planning on sending them out soon.
Which, he thought, was entirely possible.Better let the others know.
He headed off towards the kitchen. Most of them should be there for lunch. And Luke might actually be awake by now.

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