Downtime XXVI - 18 July 2016

Naomi laughed as she handed several weapon cases to Luke and picked up more for herself to carry.
"Yes, but crazy people always believe they are sane. So that doesn't help much."
As they approached the door, it was flug open from inside by an extremely large man dressed in a leather apron, a welding mask and elbow length gloves over his regular clothes. In his had was a massive flaming sword.
"Excuse me, one moment," he said as he dropped the sword into a barrel next to the door.
It was apparently full of water as it immediately began to steam.
"Sorry about that, we have a new apprentice doing the runes and, well, that happened," he said, lifting the mask from his face.
"No problem. I'm sure it happens." Naomi replied, not sure if this was a common occurrence or not. (It is, but that's another story.)
The large man looked over Naomi and what she and Luke were carrying.
"You must be the new one. Government type. Hmph. I'll try not to hold it against you. Well, bring them in. We'll get started." He abruptly turned and entered through the door he had flung open moments ago.
The two Hunters followed, entering what looked like a massive industrial area, but instead of one large factory, it was dozens of small, individual work areas.
"Wow, this is impressive. " Naomi said as she looked around.

"Later this afternoon," Thomas replied. "We've got a new team member, so we're doing a picnic so everyone can get to know one another. Elle's idea actually. I'm just here for some of the Roc meat from yesterday. " He paused for a moment, thinking, then shrugged. "The new one, Naomi, headed out with Luke to Arachne's and the workshop to get her kitted out. If you want, you can head over to the house and hang out until they get back. It's hard to tell how long it will be."

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