Downtime XXVII - 18 July 2016


"Wow, this is impressive. " Naomi said as she looked around.
Luke smiled slightly as he began setting down Naomi's gear on one of the workbenches. "Yeah, well, when you have the resources why not build the best you can?"


"We've got a new team member, so we're doing a picnic so everyone can get to know one another. Elle's idea actually. I'm just here for some of the Roc meat from yesterday. " He paused for a moment, thinking, then shrugged. "The new one, Naomi, headed out with Luke to Arachne's and the workshop to get her kitted out. If you want, you can head over to the house and hang out until they get back. It's hard to tell how long it will be."
"That does sound enjoyable," Imogen said pleasantly, "though if you don't mind I'd rather assist you in your venture. Catch up a bit. Isn't often I have chance to speak with someone other than my niece here, and it's nice to come back to earth once in a while."
The witch knew she'd said it convincingly, but in truth she wanted to observe him a little after her vision. She was well aware of the attachment between Thomas and Elenwen, even if they themselves insistently danced around the subject. And she herself was fond of Thomas. She couldn't get the image of him lying on the ground, bleeding, out of her mind.

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