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Summary: Paladin of the brotherhood of Steel scouting the wasteland.

Carn Rook

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Brotherhood of Steel



Place of Origin

Lost Hills bunker



Physical Appearance

Standing 6-3 with tan skin and a muscular build, Carn id your typical poster child for the brotherhood armed withT45d power armor and a wattz 2000 laser rifle. Outside of the armory you can see his short black hair with brown eyes he also wears a typical drill sergeant mustache on his face.


Standoffish to most outside of the brotherhood, he tends to be very brief when talking to others but will become more open once he gets to know them better.his mind says that of the soldier constantly focusing on his mission and the brotherhood of Steel over others but will intervene when he deems it.


Energy weapons
Repair skills
First aid


Weary of outsiders
Hostile to NCR
Can be standoffish


Born within the Lost Hills bunker is upbringing with similar to most brotherhood initiates focusing on studying and training to survive the wastelands. When he became of age he was accepted into the Knight caste due to the war with the NCR he's found himself deployed to the front alongside other of his brothers and sisters, eventually rising to the rank of paladin after several tours against the NCR. Recently he has been transferred to the Northwest alongside others to boost the chapters numbers due to increase of NCR activities.

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Image of Carn Rook
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