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Summary: The Nigh-Unkillable Ghoul that speaks well and likely makes powerful people very uncomfortable.

Andrew Solomon

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Gender: Male

Age: 137

Group: Mutants



Place of Origin

Douglas, Wyoming.


Archytas - Leader and First Thinker

Physical Appearance

A broad-shouldered, tall individual, roughly 6’2”, and 126 pounds, give or take. Wears a hockey mask and personally made head covering, as well as jeans and a tattered coat. Underneath, his ghoulified features look more like his skin dissolved into his body, leaving a warped, decaying facade, more like decomposition than radiation damage.


The first word to describe Andrew is “determined”. He does not give up, ever. If there is a way for him to come out on top, he’s doing it without hesitation. He’s also eloquent, and entirely willing to resolve situations non-violently, although by no means pacifistically. Always tries to get other people to understand why he does the things he does, usually for philosophical reasons.


Speech, Repair, Survival, & Guns.
He’s had a long time to hone his oratory ability, and plenty of encounters to justify it. He’s also spent a lot of time around tech, and learned how to make the engines and machines of the old world run again. Learning how to wring every advantage out of whatever you have to hand is just a habit that one picks up after living a long time in the wasteland, as well as knowing how to make a handgun more reliable than your boots.


Is exceedingly brutal in dealing with threats, resorting to tribal tactics and psychological warfare at the first opportunity. This, coupled with a stark outlook on those who do or don’t agree with his opinions, and his manipulative tendencies, has given him the persona of an ideological madman to those who reject his espoused perspective, and an enlightened teacher to those that follow his words unquestioningly.


Originally born in Douglas Wyoming, not far from the nuclear desolation of Cheyenne, nearly a century after the war that turned humanity into a shadow of its former self, he lived a relatively average, and ignorant, life. After succumbing to the radiation of the debris-choked river that ran through Douglas like a vein, he’s spent the rest of his existence travelling the great deserts of the west, and the outposts of civilisation scattered between them. Notably, he spent roughly five years locked inside an information repository, a Brotherhood Paladin’s idea of a joke, leading to his breadth of knowledge in old world ideals and schools of thought. He was eventually discovered by a few of the Followers of The Apocalypse, and now desiring to explore his newfound curiosity of society, resumed his long, long journey to nowhere in particular.

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Image of Andrew Solomon
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