Another day in the wastelands

As the scorching sun cracked the land under her feet, Pamela made her way stepping over dry bushes, and cleaning the dust of her helmet every now and then.

Her Pip-Boy 2000 showed she was in the middle of nowhere, with only a small point recording the location of her latest client, a crazy dude living in a ruined church, aiming to convert any raider he saw. Too bad for him, a nest of radscorpions decided to move in, making the raiders avoid the area. When Pamela found him, he was shouting over the church's bell, willing to pay bottle caps for a hunter. In a normal day, she would ignore another mentally unstable local willing to become the focus of any creep crawling around, but it has been a few weeks since her last errand and her stimpaks wouldn't last long.

So here she was, walking towards the radscorpion's nest, with only her trusted electroshock gun and a helmet for protection. If she was lucky, not only would she gain some bottle caps from this errand, but selling the poison glands she harvest would provide enough shots to last the rest of the month.

The cave where the radscorpions were seen was just a crack in a large rock, so most of them were lurking outside, making it easier to create a battle strategy. As effective as her gun can be with raiders, this creeps have a tough shell which requires more than one shot and nullifies any surprise element. Luckily, her helmet was resistant to their venom spray.

As soon as she got within the gun range, all the radscopions turned aggressive towards her. Pamela started shooting aiming to hit each of them once in order to slow them down, while at the same time running around evading the poison attacks. There were 5 creatures in this nest, stretching the fight till late evening. Finally, the last radscorpion felt down and she began to harvest their glands.

By the time she got back to the church, the sun was reaching the horizon. The crazy dude was more than thankful for her services and offered her to stay the night at his church. However, Pamela could see the fanaticism behind his eyes and how much he wanted her to be part of his religion So she took the caps and left the church, ignoring the shouts of salvation and safe heaven. This wasn't the first local aiming to find a bigger purpose in the wastelands, only to turn into the a bug that survives by cheating others.

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