McFly’s beating heart continued to race, the pain in his chest was phenomenal. The bloody corpse of the raider lay at his feet. He felt like he was being watched, he wandered if any more raiders were waiting to end him. There was definite faint sound of steps coming from somewhere in the building. But for all he knew it could have been a mole rat looking for a quick dinner. McFly grabbed the candy and was out the grocery store in moments. He continued down the southern highway, he had a feeling it would be more active in the old central area of Seattle. The highways were awkward – massive chunks had been taken out the old multi-lane bridges that circled and crossed the city.

There was a small wooden shack on the bridge, an elderly woman stepped out and faced McFly. “You’s a vault liver is it?” Her accent was strange, like nothing he’d ever heard before, almost to difficult to understand. “I am… a vault liver.”
“Where’s you off then?”
“Trying to find civilization – if it exists any more.”
“This is Alki territories you understand? If you’s a spy or summit’ then you’s best be careful. The Alki don’t like folks meddlin’ in there business. Neithers does I!”
“I’m not hear to meddle.”
“Good. You with the Californians?”
“The Californians?” McFly scratched his head.

The lady walked closer to McFly, she was slow, her hip looked just as held together as the bridge they were standing on. She raised her head up to McFly and huffed. “Them NCR folk, you’s know them?”
“I don’t know anybody round here,” McFly replied awkwardly.
“They’s the ones who trying to steal the Space Needle!” She squawked loudly and extended her aged index finger to the colossal Space Needle on the horizon. “They’ll never get it. Them’s Alki are good people, they gave me a home when I had nothing so I keep an eye out for no-gooders. You go to the Space Needle, you’s tell em’ that ol’ Elspeth trusts ya!” Elspeth smiled. McFly started to suspect that everyone in these parts were buzzed out on chems, either that or they were just naturally all crazy. “I can do that, I can tell them that Elspeth sent me.”
“There’s a good yungun. Not all yunguns have that kind of respect these kinds of days; I like you yungun.”
I’m McFly.” He smiled at the crazed elderly woman, indicating to his hand for a warm handshake. Elspeth took it and began to shake it aggresively. “You’s like the Alki, they be good to you yungun.”
“I hope so,” McFly removed his hand from Elspeth’s grip. He nodded to her and went on his way, maybe it would be a good idea to investigate the Space Needle. He’d seen pictures of it before on pre-war archive tapes of Seattle. There was a certain beauty about the world then that was gone now, the world had died and started fresh. He felt like a man out of time or maybe more like a man on another planet.

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