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Caps Lock

He had been walking for a few hours when he had finally arrived at the massive Space Needle. It was surrounded by shacks and other buildings built from the scrap of the old world, one was labelled tourist information center. He approached a man in a cut out window, he was a hairy large fellow with dark skin. "Hello there, welcome to the legendary Space Needle. Name's Utah. You want to buy a ticket?" Utah asked.
"Buy a ticket?" McFly was baffled, he assumed that it was free to enter. "This is Alki property, if you're an Alki citizen you can provide your citizenship papers for a 50% off your ticket."
"I'm not a citizen."
"I'd guessed that. Your jumpsuits a big giveaway, you don't see many out here wearing Vault-Tec gear."
"I stick out like a sore thumb." McFly huffed to Utah. Utah placed a ticket in front of McFly, it had been stamped over some old newspaper, recycling at its finest.

"50 caps entry."
"They really tell you nothing about the outside world in those rabbit holes do they. Look ere," Utah pulled out a Nuka Cola bottle cap from his pocket and handed it to the man of the vault. "This one's on me- a cap is the currency of the new world. Most people take them, you'll find them around, heck even take them off old bottles, they are all worth the same."

McFly held the bottle cap in between his index finger and his thumb, he studied it carefully, the Nuka-Cola logo though slightly scuffed was as visible as the day it was fresh. "You said I can keep this?"
"Indeed I did. It won't get you far in life but get a job and you'll have enough caps to buy yourself a ticket," Utah chuckled. He pulled the ticket back over to himself and perched it next to the others, beside the tickets were a few old Space Needle souvenirs: a snowglobe, a postcard, a badge.

"Kid," Utah leaned forward "I tell ya' if you really are after a job your best bets in Alki itself. They have a big market industry there and they're always looking for new folk."
"What about here?"
"We are fine here, except for one thing, in fact you might be good in this field. You have that look about you - nerdy."
"What is it?"
"A lot of the computer systems in the Space Needle are spazzed. You Vault-Tec type know your terminals. You any good with computers?" Utah leaned back into his chair. A slight smile grew on McFly's face as he nodded, it was his time to shine he thought.


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