Repairs and Resupply

Carn walked through the settlement surrounding the space Needle making mental notes about the layout and defenses, while the Elder head standing orders to maintain peaceful relationships with the local factions it didn't hurt to be prepared in case they joined the NCR. While many people gave him sideways glances as he passed them through the different shops, it didn't seem like they wanted to mess with a love child of a soldier and a Sherman tank which also left its perks when it came to bargaining cheaper prices for goods, after restocking his supplies he vapproached a mechanics garage. Paying the the ghoul running the place 50 caps he walked over to one of the stalls and began field maintenance on his power armor, while not advanced as newer models the advantage the t45 series had was they were easier to repair in the field and any paladin worth their salt near the ins and outs of their armor.

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